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It’s graduation season again and NPR has published a compendium of the best commencement speeches dating back to 1774. You can sort by terms like “YOLO,” or by year and speaker. If it’s got a YouTube video, it’s there for you to watch. This is a good tool to bookmark …

Dave Newman (@groovysoup) is the Chuck Norris of spam control. Thanks to Dave, FamousDC is back to bringing you politics, gossip and everything Famous. Tweet him if you need any WordPress help.

Chuck Norris turned 70 today?  [get the hell outta here] It’s hard to believe, but Chuck Norris – the man famous for portraying “Walker, Texas Ranger” and inspiring a legion of fans – turns 70 today. If Chuck is 70, that must make Larry King 113. h/t SV

According to a tipster who just witnessed one of these being shuttled into the RNC – it seems as if Chuck Norris was just tapped as the new communications director at the RNC. Apparently Chuck wants to whip people into shape ASAP.  The Total Gym arrived via FedEx.

Here’s the weirdest headline/intro we’ve seen in a while. Nancy Pelosi vs. Rush Limbaugh — By: Chuck Norris Despite the fact that a recent poll found that Americans now believe (by a 3-1 ratio) gas prices are a bigger problem than global warming, The Washington Post noted that House Speaker …