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“The New York Times is reconsidering its long-standing plan to create an early morning political tipsheet [POLITICO has learned“] SCOTUSblog just can’t catch a break [denied credentials again] NPR crowding Matt Laslo’s space [MD gubernatorial beer preferences] Chris Brown is trying to [make a deal] Marion Barry hears “Yogurt Tax” …

Chris Brown cut a guy [down] 62 year old woman ran her 100th marathon [MCM] Guerilla gardener gets revenge [DuPont] 1966 plans reveal Metro could have been a little [different] Giving out Halloween candy? Reese’s are America’s [fav] Photo by Kevin Wolf

Just think … no matter how bad your day is, you don’t have to read a quote by Jay Z saying “you’re a dead man.” NY Post: *JAY-Z: ‘CHRIS A DEAD MAN’ “Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.”