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Any ordinary American citizen considering running for President might make a list of pros and cons on the subject. It should be no surprise that everyone’s favorite candidate Donald Trump did the same, but hold on to your hairpieces folks, because Famous DC obtained the EXCLUSIVE SWOT analysis from the …

This was destined to be a train wreck the moment the camera turned on. When you have to read notes in order to get your name right during an interview, your chances of getting elected skyrocket.

We don’t live in New Orleans, but if we did, we’d vote for James Perry just because he’s an Eagle Scout.

What’s past is prologue. This is a recycled post from June 3, 2008 from a FamousDC contributor (and Obama supporter) that might be worth reading tonight for Republicans from red Virginia. 5 Rules of Engagement for Tonight (Must Read for Obama supporters)

Rumors are floating that Ralph Nadar is about to get is candidacy on … more to follow. UPDATE: Ben Smith w/ Politico has more