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If a rainbow shows up in DC and wasn’t Instagrammed 12,000 times – did it really happen? #NATIONAL Do you love dogs and weapons? Then the TSA’s Instagram is for you; Emmy nominations: who got robbed?; If soccer injuries were real life; we’re irrationally peeved about this guy and his …

This news is only slightly worse than finding out that your campaign wants you to host a political fundraiser at a Britney Spears concert. [NASA says we’re all gonna die]

Or so we assume it was her idea.  We’ll give Team McCain credit – it’s sure to be the most talked about web ad of the day – perhaps week. UPDATE: TMZ scoops – and Obama’s camp returns the favor.

The nation’s economy and Iraq are still on everyone’s mind, but voters are increasingly wondering how we are going to help Britney Spears

Dr. Phil cancels his Britney Spears show