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 #GUESTEDITOR CAMERON EASLEY Managing Editor at Morning Consult “Friday is here! Unless you’re a senator, in which case it’s still Wednesday. You’re probably not a senator though, so let’s take a look back at the week that was and turn up for the weekend ahead.” Weather: WARNING: DC is about to heat up!…sort of. …

The Italian-born Chef at Al Tiramisu chats about his passion for fresh ingredients & love of cooking You’ve walked past it a million times, or at least something like it. A busy row of restaurants, a grocery store, a sandwich shop, a liquor store, an awning with a jester on it, a pizza place; a seemingly endless row of options and choices. Yet this particular awning with a jester on it nestled on P Street NW right off Dupont Circle, is home to an eccentric bald Italian with a red scarf around his neck and bow tie pasta fabric shaped buttons on his Chef’s coat, who is doing incredibly simple yet amazing things with impeccably fresh product. His name is Luigi, and his restaurant is Al Tiramisu.