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…fitness. The Washington, D.C., metropolitan area has reclaimed the top spot in an annual ranking of health and community fitness, bumping Minneapolis-St. Paul, last year’s three-peat winner, to second place. Considering the number of joggers, bikers, and hikers around it’s no surprise. Read the whole list of cities that we …

They’re sure as hell gonna try. h/t DCist L Street NW – We're rolling…trying to catch them #parkingdirty. Again: Please, please don't park in our bike lanes. — DDOT DC (@DDOTDC) May 5, 2014

Want to find the most traveled routes in D.C. by both bike and running … so you can avoid those sidewalks? Yeah, us too. Check out this map from Strava. h/t Washingtonian  

Josh Bassett snapped this well framed photo of Capital Bikeshare bikes under the white stuff. It almost makes the snow pretty, doesn’t it?

Start the clock [shutdown] Metro’s good though [no shutdown] Gas station restaurants [who knew] Goodbye UMD golf course [fore] “Bikers, what bikers?” -City of Alexandria, VA [lanes] 10 things about Homeland you probably didn’t know [knowledge] Photo by Noe Todorovich

Capitol Police officers give up their patrol cars and get fit in new effort to deal with Congressional spending reductions. That may not be true. But, we’re grateful anyway to them for keeping the Capitol Complex safe and secure. Lookin’ good, boys and girls. Keep it up. Photo Credit: Ryan …

This is sad. The place rocks. We hope something cool moves in there.