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We’re getting those good vibes from mother nature that this is winter’s last stand. We could not be more excited. While February isn’t over yet, it’s the weekend and we can’t wait for it to start. Here’s where we’re kicking it while daydreaming of spring.

We have a [cub!] Red line is about to get [worse] Bike lane blockage [police] RGIII’s shirt fined [$10,000] Photo by Josh Bassett

Re-Stealing h/t PassiveAggressiveNotes

As if anyone needed another reason to eat pizza. [Tour de Pizza] A Florida man is traveling up the East Coast by bike, promoting a new diet that involves eating pizza — and only pizza. Keyword: bike. He’s now on his own tour of sorts, traveling to 22 cities hoping …

WHY ARE THERE BIKE LANES IN THE MIDDLE OF PENN AVE? It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. UPDATE: As we were stuck in traffic on Penn, we asked our cab driver Larry what he thought about the bike lanes and he pointed to this sign:

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) "never learned to ride a bike," which is "a source of great embarrassment" to her kids [97% positive there’s a Facebook group for people like her] h/t Wake Up Call