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Pallavi Damani Kumar is a full-time professor in American University’s School of Communication and the Division Director for the Public Communication. Ever since I graduated as an undergraduate from American University’s School of Communication, I wanted to teach in the program. I felt like AU helped me discover my true passion in public relations and strategic communication, and teaching was a way of giving back. Eight years after graduation, after working in New York and Philadelphia, I was headed back to DC, and my first goal was to fulfill a long-held dream of mine to teach in the Public Communication division.

We can’t talk for 21 hours – but we’ll try to take 21 shots this weekend Our party rocked; Click Clink; thank you to Microsoft, Resonate, The New Republic, Veronica, Marie, Stefanie, Kelly, Rebecca, Josh, Amos, Brian; We saw Lauren French, Ginger Gibson, Katie Harbath, Morgan Gress, Ashley Summers, Reid Wilson, …