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Ole Johnny ain’t a Belieber. “I’m Too Old for This Justin Bieber Crap” – Sen. Johnny Isakson  

Wednesday morning = FamousDC warns the world about Guam tipping over Wednesday afternoon = Fark sounds the Drew Curtis alarm Thursday = CBS News signals the masses Aren’t the Internets fun?

Maybe because Ben Franklin actually had useful inventions? [just a thought] Rufus Terrill, inventor of the another sort of political lighting rod, the Bum-Bot [which sort of looks like a souped-up version of Blankman’s J-5], is running for Mayor of Atlanta. And not that we’re advocating this, but that hypothetical …

The Buckhead Invitational golf tourney, which was played this past weekend in Atlanta, GA, handed out some pretty interesting t-shirts to all tournament participants. What’s not clear is which political party the tournament sponsors belong to.  It’s also unclear as to why the t-shirts were printed in hunter safety orange.