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Meet Philippa Hughes. Philippa is a well-known art collector and art connector in DC who is famously known for creating the Pink Line Project, a consolidated and searchable calendar of all things cool and creative in DC. FamousDC was lucky enough to chat with Philippa about the DC art scene and what makes our city just as fun as any other. Here is what she had to say about the past and present.   Written by FamousDC contributor Brittany Horowitz

Remember to smile!

Downtown D.C. was chill and still on Sunday night, except at the Edelweiss Calcagno show at Hudson. The event — ably organized by Sandro and Tati — was a dizzying collection of leggy blondes from the former Eastern bloc and men in velvet blazers and pointy shoes who love to …

Dear Metro – Perhaps the artistic concept of setting the Capitol ablaze with American flag flames should be rethought. Sincerely, FDC