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Anne Schroeder Mullins: The Schieff, “Being There” “The Week” magazine held one of its “Movie nights” with a famous DC person last night at the Phillips Collection.  And as always, any Margaret Carlson event – she is the Editor at Large of the magazine – is a fine one indeed.

But don’t worry- she’s only stepping for a week, while she takes a “much-needed vacation.”  Although here at FDC, we were under the impression that hanging out at fancy hotels and drinking with celebrities for two weeks was a vacation. And just who is left to fill her stilettos while …

Our good friend Anne Schroeder Mullins over at Politico, teased it – but come back tomorrow to get the entire dish. We’ll be waiting for you…[oh, and Anne, you’ll be making an appearance too!]

It was only a matter of time …. [h/t Anne Schroeder Mullins] NOTE: If this is new to you, go here first, then it’ll make more sense.