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Netflix is barreling over cable [in a big way] UnsuckDCMetro goes on the record [with an ABC interview] DC incomes of all levels [are falling behind rents] Secret Service crash near White House, [are accused of drunk driving] Photo by Brian DiCola submitted to the FamousDC Photo Flickr pool

Ever wonder which state has the most hate crimes against the disabled? Or which state has most prisoners per capita? HINT: They’re neighbors of DC. Click the map below for full resolution goodness. Bless your heart, America.

DC didn’t make the list. We’ve got work to do people. The season starts today. If we’re not constantly improving, someone else will take our place. This is Congressional recess, let’s get out there and show them what we’re made of! Forbes: America’s Hard Drinking Cities No. 1: Austin, Texas …

Study: The more wine costs, the more people enjoy it