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While Obama crisscrosses the country pandering to the media and liberal supporters – he does so often times under the banner “Change Rocks.”

There’s only problem with that … the slogan isn’t his, nor is it registered to him. Matter of fact, a very savvy teen entrepreneur from Scarsdale, NY owns the rights to the slogan.

“Stefan Doyno picked the name “Change Rocks” about three years ago when he started a business to market his patent-pending invention of rings with interchangeable stones. He’s since come out with pendants and is planning a line of T-shirts.”

BO’s camp, which apparently doesn’t care- doesn’t seem to let the legally binding small print get in their way either … they just keep on using it.

Of course, when asked to comment, Obama’s camp quasi responded with this typical response (gag): “We wish (Doyno) the best of luck with his business and we invite him to join our growing grassroots team in New York.”

Typical. The rest here.