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The ironwork of the Woodward & Lothrop building was repainted in 2011, changing it from uniform army green to a mix of colors as lovely as a field of wildflowers. Standing out among grey, squat monoliths, the façade’s origin, stamped across metal, is the Snead & Co. Iron Works, all the way from Jersey City, NJ.

When the District was illuminated by gas flame and before cell phones (BCP) city planners spliced street lights and call boxes together to create a corner by corner assistance system. Bright red glass surrounded the flame up top, making a “Police” or “Fire Call Box” logo glow in the darkness. …

Standing three blocks from the White House is the Church of the Epiphany. It’s an old one, built in 1844, headed by a former House of Representatives chaplain. Previously flanked by trees and open sky, the building is now nestled between stout office buildings, its red doors shining like rubies in contrast to the stark white building. I’m always taken aback as I walk by, not because it’s a historied old church (there’s a good number of those in DC), but because of its simple and almost country design that’s worlds apart from its glass and steel neighbors.

Nestled deep in the unassuming Penn Quarter area of the district, a drug-culture-inspired wonderland has overtaken the lobby of another seemingly unassuming landmark at 641D St. NW.

Today’s HiddenDC is brought to you courtesy of the ginkgo tree. Similar plants date back 270 million years, making this a living fossil. The ginkgo tree was used for medicinal remedies starting 4,000 years ago in China. Or, in terms more relatable to you, the half moon shaped leaves of …

The Capitol Dome is plastered over many business logos around here. You’ve seen florists, cookie bakers, lobbyists, event companies, cruise lines, all affixed with an image of the mighty dome of the United States Capitol in place of a more imaginative graphic. The 288 foot, 147-year old cast-iron structure, if it had feelings, would be moved by its celebrity, but also disappointed by lacking creativity in the use of its image.