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Meet Michelle Warner, who, with her husband Michael, recently opened DCanter A Wine Boutique on Barracks Row. The entrepreneur shared her inspirations and some wine secrets with us. (Photo credit: Laura Ford Photography) 1. What was the inspiration behind opening the DCanter Wine Boutique? My husband and I have always

A trip to 8 bars in search of delicious bourbon by Aly Casey Dupont Circle was buzzing this weekend because bourbon enthusiasts descended upon the area eager to sample eight premium bourbons from eight different venues at the DC Bourbon Bash. Part of the ticket sales, $55/person will go to the Lead The Way Fund which helps support U.S. Army Rangers who are injured, currently serving, or to help the families of Rangers who have died in combat. Upon check-in at either James Hoban’s or Buffalo Billiards participants receive a badge with what looks like a scavenger hunt map printed on it. The map is a list of all eight of the venues and along the sides of the badge gives one details about what bourbons are at each bar.  You can start in any order, but once you had your 1-ounce pour the barkeep punches a hole through the venue on your badge to ensure you don’t circle back with “Nope, me? Never been here, sir.” The first stop is up to you as you can hit the bars in any order. The Science Club seems to be the best bet as it is the furthest south. The reasoning is to hit Science Club, head east to Bar Rouge, walk up 16th and cut due west to go to Board Room and Maddy’s before heading back into the fray that is Dupont Circle. This logic proves helpful as the out of the way bars are usually less packed than those right in Dupont Circle.

RJ Cooper’s Rogue 24 showcases his culinary vision both literally and creatively by focusing the diner’s experience around the kitchen and allowing his chefs to precisely execute his gastronomic ballet. The expression, “culinary theater” has never been a more apt description as it has in Cooper’s two year old establishment. You wouldn’t assume such a sophisticated menu and execution awaits as you arrive to Rogue 24; located down a back alley in the Shaw neighborhood one block from the convention center. The exterior of the building has wooden paneling and the inset “Rogue 24” is illuminated in bright white lights, in case you were lost. The abandoned auto shop next door covered in graffiti being a perfect introduction to the hip culinary destination that awaits you across the alley; mechanical execution, covered in artistic flair. The location is perfect for Copper’s pedigree; a Detroit native with stints cooking at Vidalia the DC seminal upscale southern comfort food destination; his elevation of simple dishes working side by side with his crew shows the level of art that this once humble working class profession has been raised in DC.

Dolcezza? What is that? It may sound like the name of a mysterious Italian popstar, but don’t be fooled…Dolcezza is a foodie’s treasure right here in DC. Marketing themselves as “Artisanal Gelato,” the coffee and gelato shop has an underrated atmosphere and offers a nice respite from your average Starbucks.

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