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8/3 Friday Round Up: Photo ID Not Required

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Photo: Jim Havard


You guys – my inbox broke yesterday thanks to all of you who sent in tips for today’s newsletter. Get ready to witness what might be the largest #FamousForDC section in Round Up history. Thank you to everyone who contributed and a special thanks to my dad for always looking out. — KL


Awesome events: Got crabs? 🦀 The Rotary Club of Annapolis does and they want to share theirs with you at the 73rd annual Crab Feast; A lecture series where the teachers are the drunk ones is the kind of college experience we could only dream of — until now; DOUGHn’t you forget to stop by the Dough Jar’s new snazzy spot in Georgetown tomorrow!; The 2018 Summer Spirit Festival is happening at Merriweather Post Pavilion this weekend featuring music legends like Erykah Badu and The Roots; Someone please explain k-pop; Apparently Sunday is National Oyster Day. Not everyone likes oysters; Of course, brunch is always an option. 🍹 🍳


Well this is one way to start your day off terribly; This might be the cheesiest news you’ll see today; An NBC Washington reporter is helping struggling musicians get on their two feet; Millennials are finally moving out of their parents’ homes — and into their parents’ backyards; Senator Burr is down with wut da kidz are sayin; Little leaguers from Southeast DC are about to make it BIG.


Come for the mussels – stay for the muscles 💪 Watch as Chef Andre Rush shows us why he wants to share the comfort of cooking with our service members and the world. 🌎

Famous Five – Chef Andre Rush

Whether you’re here for the mussels — or the muscles 💪 — don’t miss this #FamousFive with Chef Rush who's on a mission to spread the comfort of cooking to our service members and the world.

Posted by FamousDC on Thursday, August 2, 2018


Ah, recess. The glorious time of year when Hill staffers can take a guilt-free vacation, catch up on backburner projects, and binge on extra-long lunches. Not sure about you guys, but it totally restores our enthusiasm about becoming a full-fledged adult.


Going to see Mystery Friends with Traps PS & De Lux at Union Stage Monday, August 6 is not an option, it’s a MUST; Happy 40th Birthday Week to Wells Fargo’s Head of External Affairs Eric Hoplin – it will be hard to top that trip to Antarctica, but we’re sure your 4th decade will bring more adventures! (And maybe penguins?) (h/t Erika Reynoso); Hats off to Sarah Martin who completed her Masters, gave birth to beautiful daughter Amelie, and got an awesome job all in the same two year span — you’re amazing and I’m humbled to be your husband – Shayne Martin; Beach regular and Sunshine Sachs superstar Sara Gurkin is finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of escaping the rain and moving cross country to LA – who’s going to water our office plant now? (h/t Cory Combs who will miss Sara very much); NOBODY tell Anton about that thing that happened; Congratulations to our friend Sean Spicer, whose book The Briefing has been named a NYT Bestseller; Special birthday shout to Brittany Yanick who has the impossible job of putting up with Jack Meehan every day; Michael Kelley loves Nathan Imperiale. That is all; Nicole Daigle has an invite Monday night before mini-Senate recess travel that Chester Carson really hopes she’ll accept; No one give Mike Haidet red wine – his foot hurts again; Let Liz & Natalie from the Free Beacon Podcast know that Bigfoot says “Sup?; Shoutout to 3-month old Olivia Bush – the cutest lil’ munchkin in all DC; Christy Lewis really nailed that landing page; Ruben Verastigui totally rocked his first week at the Joint Economic Committee; Shoutout to Brittany Shepherd (fellow Mets fan  to Caroline Kenny and native Long Islander) for commiserating over that embarrassing showing against the Nats on Tuesday; Breely Ungar (aka Bree baby nugget) is growing up before longtime BFF Georgie Whatmore’s eyes; No shoutouts for Mark Borelli; A moment of silence for the “Blue Bullet” — Gretchen Gailey’s pride and joy who lasted 263,000 miles, survived Fox News, Capitol Hill, congressional campaigns and now, the cannabis industry. The question remains: WHAT will be Gretchen’s next road warrior??; Becky Card is Greece’s newest travel blogger (h/t Mimi Strobel); Enjoy your last days in your twenties Alisa Wolking; Andrew Rafferty is looking for friends to go see Owl City at 930 club next month; Darin Gibbons’ birthday is more independent than Independence Day and deserves its own independent shoutout; Congratulations Greg and Rachel Ricalde who tied the knot last weekend. Happy almost birthday, Bret Baier!; Rebecca Gale placed some major ink in Marie Claire; Shoutout to Trevor Igoe, long live banana rama! (h/t Stephanie Wilson); Lewis Black would make a great voice of Metro…Don’t you think?; Ask Jake Wilkins if he’s had a North Dakota Martini yet; Derek Wallbank will host the Affordable Wine Caucus this Saturday; Congratulations to Josie Beecher and husband Matt on welcoming Margaret Dorothy Beecher to the world; Birthday shoutout to Booz Allen’s Misty Holbert who celebrated in Vegas (so unfortunately no details are available); Has anyone found Marissa Mitrovich’s missed connection? If so, please return immediately; Kenny Ames is defeating a mile a minute, one stroller at a time; Tim Casey was spotted in Montreal giving healthcare policy trends and updates to the American Blood Centers; Congratulations Steve Martinko and Callie Hoyt on your Pittsburgh engagement!; Happy 4-0 Fritz Swartzbaugh! (h/t Johan Propst); Kudos to Meridian Solutions Worldwide — a brand new communications firm led by Carol McDonald (h/t Neal Carter); If you have info on where to buy rainbow cat t-shirts, please send to Kristina Sesek; Spending your recess at the Iowa State Fair? Stop by the pork chop tent and let Sen. Chuck Grassley pour you a cold glass of iced tea; Have fun in Germany, Erik Kinney!; Is Ian Martorana available to cook for private parties? Asking for a friend; Were you First In Line to grab Kate Anderson Brower’s newest book?; Wishing the BEST weekend to our favorite llama-loving fan, Sarah Cable; Double high-fives for Ann Dermody; Hello to the hard-working crew at The Hill is Home! (h/t Maria Carey); Zach Eisenstein is the ULTIMATE WEBMASTER CZAR #transformyoself; Congratulations Matt and Jen Vallone who welcomed their first child into the world, Elise Victoria Vallone; Gabe Sehr has no need for this International Date Line thing; Allison Schneider is the coolest mom on the block; It’s back to school for Christopher and Aidan and FIRST day of college for Patrick! (h/t Grandma Boatman); Roll tide, Danny Simon (but just this once); We’re ready for #StaceySaidIt Campbell Kaufman!; If you want to see Washington at its best, go to a Kastles tennis match at the Smith Center at GW (h/t Margaret Carlson); We’ll miss ya Neal Kirby!; Will Jack Smith invite us to Greece?; J.P. Freire is thinking about Key West, but is Key West thinking about J.P. Freire?; Did we spot Kevin Madden in cargo shorts?; We’re living very vicariously through David and Stephanie Schnittger’s RV trip; Mike Robinson loves his sea trout; Andrea Riccio made her Instagram public. Go check it out BEFORE she becomes the next great social media influencer; Blockchain. We don’t have anything related to Blockchain right now, we’re just saying blockchain so we’ll pop blockchain Google alerts all over NYC and Silicon Valley; Congratulations to The Sick Boyz from Maryland on their first release; If you’re not following Teddy Ruffsevelt on Instagram, why do you even have one?; Ask Arjun Mody to rate DC cupcakes; Andrew Powaleny’s reading game is strong. PHEW.

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Andrea Mitchell celebrates 40 years at NBC News this week with some breaking news and the help of friends and colleagues Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker live from the White House; Grace Segers is making moves to CBS News as a reporter writing about politics. She was formerly a digital reporter for City & State NY; After 3 years covering transportation for Politico, Lauren Gardner will be joining the new Pro Canada vertical next month covering policy areas with a cross-border connection, congrats and cute beagle!; A big congratulations to Jennifer Haberkorn, who is joining the Washington bureau of the LA Times where she will be covering Congress. Previously, Jenn covered health care with POLITICO; After about 2 years with The Hill, Mallory Shelbourne has made moves to Inside Defense to cover the Navy and the Marine Corps; Khary Cauthen is leaving his position as senior director of federal affairs to run the DC office for Cheniere; Previously a Google policy fellow, David Morar is officially done with his Public Policy PhD from Schar School at George Mason, congrats David; Sending a farewell shoutout to John Woodard, who is a former Team Scalise member and most recently worked at SBA as a White House liaison. He is moving back to NOLA tomorrow to get his MBA at Tulane; Liz Bogle left her post as the Communications Director at Georgetown Events to work for the Washington Nationals to serve as the new Manager of Administration and VIP Services #natitude; Jarrett Ray is to be the Senior Manager of Grassroots Advocacy Communication at Boeing; Erik Koeppen got a promotion from PAC director at the American Nurses Association to head of the political and grassroots team; Candice Norwood, most recently a web producer for POLITICO Pro, has started as a web producer and writer with Governing; Dick Stevenson is returning to the District as enterprise director for the New York Times’ Washington Bureau. He most recently worked for the Times in Paris, London, and New York. Welcome back!; After 12.5 years working for the U.S. House as Executive Director of Tuesday Group and COS for Congressman Dent, Drew Kent is leaving to join DLA Piper as a Policy Advisor in the firm’s Government Affairs Group, you will be missed Drew; Today is Neal Kirby’s last day at the Independent Petroleum Association of American. He is making his way back down south to The Big Easy to join the corporate and executive comms team at Entergy Corporation; Del Wilber, who most recently was at the WSJ, is rejoining the LA Times Washington bureau to write enterprise stories on criminal justice and national security; the LA Times also gained Jennifer Haberkorn as part of their team to cover Congress. She previously covered politics and policy of healthcare for POLITICO; Jim Billimoria has joined the Small Business Administration (SBA) as the associate administrator within the Office of Communications and Public Liaison where he’ll be leading all press, external and internal communications, digital media, and education and outreach efforts; Drinks are on us! #DoBigThingsDC


Famous birthday wishes to Brittany Yanick, CBS News’ Katie Watson, Breely Ungar, CNN’s Matt Dornic, Michael Boyd, Hayley Brower in Senator Heller’s office, Fox News’ Bret Baier, Wendy Dunkle, Andrew Millard, Amy Abdnor (Thomas) and Alissa Wolking are entering their third decade, Shane Harris, Michael Tadeo, Parick Ruffini, Capitol File Editor in Chief Michael Clements, Caitlin Huey-Burns, Mike Tadeo, Alicia Amling, Chris Huffaker, Lisa Chapman, Andrew Dill, Lisa Chapman, Brad Wilson, Ryan Wrasse, Pete Snyder, Kati Taylor, Patrick Duffy, Carl Sears, Micah Spangler, Meghan Clendenny Mastracchio, Kyle Kashuck, Karen Postle, Happy birthday weekend, Kristine Bucci, Maria Sofia, Cameron Shult, Tony McComisky, and HBD Marta Dehmlow Hernandez who is turning 30 for the second year in a row!


The sun’ll come out tomorrow ☀️