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7/6 Friday Round Up: You can’t spell ‘depart’ without E-P-A

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Photo: Jim Havard


Awesome events: We’re not gonna tell you what to do, but YOU HAVE TO VISIT the Fun House Exhibit at the National Building Museum because your FOMO just can’t handle; Pusha T revealed to the world that Drake is a dad and tonight he’s at Echostage to hopefully tell us more of other people’s secrets; Ditch the humidity for humor at Washington Improv Theater’s Summer Escape; Alexandria is celebrating the fact that she’s the United States’ much older and attractive sister this Saturday at Oronoco Bay Park with fireworks and cake (TBD on whether it’s gluten-free); You didn’t drink enough this week so go drink some more at Port City Brew’s 5th annual Old Town Pub Crawl; Nats Park is transforming into Cats Park this Cat-urday for all you feline fans, but DO NOT bring your cat; A Sunday full of Serenity just sounds really nice.


America has voted on its favorite fast food chain and the results are clucking unbelievable; Joey Chestnut once again puts our bored-eating to shame; When you just want a really good view of the fireworks…; Plastic straws suck!; If there’s anything we love more than rooftop bars it’s a list of rooftop bars; Now THIS is worth sharing.


There’s nothing like a cold brew on a hot summer day. On a scale of 1 – refreshing, we give our interview with Port City Brewery founder Bill Butcher 12/10 pints 🍻

Famous for DC: Port City Brewing Company

Great news for all lovers and advocates of great craft beer: Port City Brewing Company is expanding so now you can enjoy happy hour even longer.

Posted by FamousDC on Friday, September 9, 2016


If there was ever a time to use ice cream as an excuse to cool yourself down about 100 degrees, National Ice Cream Month is it 🍦

Photo: Jenis Ice Cream


Tommy Vietor continues to dominate Twitter; Hello Art Bochner; Ask Nathan Imperiale why he’s cool again; Hey Anton! Let’s all quit Twitter for 5 days; We continue to live vicariously through Tommy McFly’s pictures; J-Art is a true Nats believer; Team Tabasco FTW; Does anyone “gram” harder than Elliot Berke?; Joe Perticone does recess right; Patriotism means Taco Bell for Cate Cullen; Did Tara Palmeri have the most epic Fourth of July?; Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Stefanie Hula!; The Capitals’ John Carlson spent his Fourth with the Stanley Cup which is the most patriotic thing to hit DC since the Declaration of Independence; Matt Yurus forgot to post the insta of his hole in one; Shoutout to Rep. Will Hurd for practicing safe sun in Texas; Rep. Elise Stefanik rocked the stripes at the Ti Best 4th in the North parade; Huge congratulations to Bill Gray and Jenn Sherman on their engagement! We can’t wait to see the guest seating chart; Noelle Clemente knows how to not fall off a paddle board; Ryan Thompson is all of us when photographing others; New York Times Intern Emma Howells ended up on the cover of yesterday’s newspaper; Kate Glassman Bennett is rockin a spread in Bethesda Magazine; DC will miss the DeMoss family; Maria Davis and Jesse Barba won FamousDC’s Best Dressed this Fourth of July; Congratulations Morgan Fraraccio and Stephen Scott on your Top of the Gate engagement!; And another congratulations to Evan Wilt and Haley Byrd on breaking off a very expensive piece of a Kit Kat bar; We can’t tell if Patrick Brennan likes La Croix or not; Kelsey Jones Art is a fan with a fan; Congrats to Auntie Lauren Zelt on number 3; Yuri Beckelman has all the ideas; Raise your hand if you’ve heard from Matt Lira recently; We’re officially worried about Joanna Piacenza’s eating habits; We want more Mike Lurie music.

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#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

The White House announced that spokesman Raj Shah is taking a leave of absence from his position to work full time on overseeing the communications effort associated with the upcoming Supreme Court pick; Katherine Tully-McManus will be leaving CQ Now to take on a reporting job with Rollcall covering ethics and transparency on Capitol Hill; Anna Massoglia is now the political nonprofits and foreign influence researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics, she was previously a research analyst at Bloomberg BNA; Joining the Atlantic team is Todd Purdum who will be a staff writer covering politics and Hollywood for the magazine’s new Los Angeles bureau. Purdum has spent more than two decades at the New York Times and was a senior writer for POLICITO; Hamed Aleaziz who was a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle is joining the Buzzfeed News team to cover immigration; Making Moves from the Pew Research Center to the Associated Press as a polling and survey reporter is Hannah Fingerhut; Kelsi Daniell is leaving the EPA as a press secretary to join the office of Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa as press secretary; Ernt’s current press secretary, Leigh Claffey is moving to Growth Energy, a trade association, as their communications director; There are two new additions to the GPS Impact team, Brandon English and Andrew Roos. Roos will be based in Rhode Island and was most recently Google’s head of industry for Democratic elections. English who will be a senior adviser in the DCCC’s former deputy executive director and digital director.


Famous birthday wishes to Christyn Lansing, Rob Aneiva, Liv Tyler, Chris Paultiz, Tom Cruise, Victor Barcelona, Megan Rossbach, Marshall Brachman, Cori Sue Morris, Greg Saperstein, Billy Godoy, Tonnie Wybensinger, Nick Simpson, Mike Woeste, Danny Diaz, Kenny Day, John Runyan, Stefanie Petropoulos, Katie Pavlich, Eli Yokley, Jack Smedile, Michael LaRosa, Cameron Saige, Marianna Brady, Jessica DiBenedetto, Kelley Hudak, Nancy Pappas, Jim McGreevy, Ron Fournier, Seinfeld (the show) is 29, Taylor Friedman, Margot Robbie (aka Hollywood Tonya Harding) and Pres. George W. Bush!


Out like Pruitt 👋