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Awesome events: You only have a few hours to head to Millie’s and turn your ok-hour into a happy hour!; If you’re in the market for a new car – or just like looking at them – the Washington Auto Show will be your happy place this weekend; DC Winter Restaurant Week continues this weekend. If you haven’t had the chance to take advantage during the week, you have 2 days to catch up; Enjoy some brews and ballet at the Washington Ballet – catch a sneak peek of Romeo and Juliet this weekend before it opens Valentine’s Day; DC’s favorite local musicians and bands are coming together for DC Music Download at the Wharf’s Union Stage tomorrow night; DC Restaurant Week might be coming to a close, but Alexandria Restaurant Week is just getting started; Watching the Grammy’s? Join everyone at Songbyrd’s annual watch party Sunday night in Admo.


Flashback Friday: If knowing about past presidential inaugurations is wrong, we don’t wanna be right.


What do you do when you’re done being the President of the United States?; Is a move-in a move up? – and other dating advice for you young kids out there; Shoo flu don’t bother me; The New York Times did a cool piece on one of America’s last pencil factories – bet you didn’t know those still existed; Looks like millennials can finally afford avocado toast and organic smoothies; The results are in! Here are the networks’ most-used correspondents and the biggest stories of 2017; Tuesday night’s State of the Union will see black to black coverage.


There are a lot of cool things about working in a congressional office, such as federal holidays, good work hours, and the student loan repayment plan (Hallelujah!). But as in any job, there are aspects of the Hill that are the absolute worst – here are the Top 10 worst things about working in a congressional office.


These are almost sold out! (And we find it essential that you get yours before they’re gone – and before the government shuts down again.)


Matt Dornic throws the best parties in Utah; Best of luck to Stoney Burke on the new chapter #TeamHurd; Head’s up Kelley, Caitlin and Becca – Aspen is still recovering from your visit; Hey Brendan Buck, now that the government is not closed, can we get back to the terms of our bet?; When are Chef Christine Schaefer and District Doughnut rolling out their FamousDC themed pastry treat?; How many slopes did Kyle Dropp shred in Park City?; Kate Champagne’s ankles are soul famous (h/t Mattie Duppler); Feel better Olivia Nuzzi; Happy birthday Girls’ Night In and congrats to Alisha Ramos!; Now that Coop is feeling better, when can he come visit Audrey Henson?; DC > Detroit Brad Bosserman; Lookin’ sharp Grant Carlisle; Where are you from Virginia Beckett Rodman?; DC Mardi Gras took over the nightlife scene last night; We hope Will Allison is a little warmer now; Can’t wait for Macey Sevcik’s snaps from Mystery Friends tonight!; Sending good vibes to Jenn Sherman; Has Kristen Soltis Anderson taken a nap yet?

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Congratulations to capitol hill veteran Stoney Burke on his new role as a principle in Bracewell’s Policy Resolution Group. Burke most recently spent the past three years as chief of staff to Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and during this time, helped pass nine bills sponsored by Rep. Hurd  (a record for the 114th Congress) that were signed into law during his first term. #DoBigThings; Another Hurd alum and hill communications veteran, Shana Teehan, is making moves back to Rep. Kevin Brady’s (R-TX) office as a senior advisor and communications director. Teehan most recently was communications director for Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL); Former communications director for Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) Ashley Berrang has joined the Information Technology Industry Council as senior vice president of external affairs; The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey has been named a CNN political analyst; Also at the Post, Matea Gold, who has been with the outlet since 2013, has been named editor of the Post’s national politics enterprise and investigations team; Politico’s Marianne LeVine, who has covered labor policy for the outlet since 2014, has a new role covering the lobbying and influence beat alongside Theo Meyer; From the Los Angeles Times, Alexandra Manzano will soon join Politico as editorial director for strategy and operations; After four years at Mashable, Jason Abbruzzese is making moves to NBC News to serve as a tech editor for its digital team; Mosheh Oinounoi has a new role as executive producer of “CBS Evening News”; ABC News welcomes former managing editor of Real Clear Politics Emily Goodin as a political reporter; Business Insider’s Maxwell Tani is making moves to The Daily Beast as a media reporter; At BuzzFeed News, education writer Molly Hensley-Clancy has a new beat covering national politics and the Democratic Party; PhRMA has added Josh Black, previously chief of the global issues unit at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, as associate vice president for international advocacy; Former Daimler general manager for international and public policy Jeff Werner is making moves to Panasonic as vice president for government affairs; The American Petroleum Institute has added the Herald Group’s Cornelia Horner as a senior associate for media and issue management; From API, Brooke Sammon, former media and public relations manager, recently joined Firehouse Strategies as a senior vice president; Georgetown University adds former Global Strategy Group associate Matt Hill as a media relations manager; Brittney Manchester, former senior adviser to the communications director of CMS, recently joined APCO Worldwide as a senior associate director on the firm’s health care team; The ONE Campaign has a new COO: former deputy assistant to President Obama and NSC executive secretary and chief of staff (2014-17), Suzy George; And finally, a big congrats to Seung Min Kim, who after eight years at Politico, is joining the White House team at the Washington Post.


Famous birthday wishes to Justin Hanson, Kevin McCarthy, Sarah Pompei, Adam Kovacevich, Freddy Barnes, Justin Busch, Howard Mortman, Jamal Ware, David Powers, Ted Greener, Brian Vanderbloemen, Jordan Cooper, Shannon Brockman, Roxanne Williams, Williams Wise, Tomas Trnka, Phil Beshara, Vicky Blooston, Ashley Leising, Patrick Chung, Max Miller, Sarah Slaper, Tamara Lyons, Nick Williamson, Justin Green, Hayden Pruett Wilson, Merrick Kranz, Monica Popp, Mallory Hunter and Melissa Murphy!


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