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Friday Round Up

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Awesome events: Hip Hop night is a good reason to head to the Wizard’s game tonight if you’re not into basketball, but you’re into jams; Find out why the Disco Biscuits call themselves Disco Biscuits tomorrow night at The Anthem;Heads up! There will be superheroes flying around DC this weekend; The Women’s Voices Theater Festival has returned for winter of 2018 in January and February; Join the 37th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade – and other events – on Monday; Afterward, head on over to The Kennedy Center and Let Freedom Ring!


American Petroleum Institute


Building a better future takes energy. And progress is happening quicker, cleaner and safer today than ever in history thanks to natural gas and oil. From a manufacturing revival and lower consumer costs to greater domestic development and greenhouse gas emissions at near 25-year lows, few industries have done more to advance innovation and progress than the energy industry. See how natural gas and oil are helping the world power past challenges that were thought impossible just a short time ago in the 2018 State of American Energy report. 


Coming Soon! Our next Morning Commute and let’s just say it’s going to be pretty sweet.


Save on your internet bill without mooching off your neighbor’s wifi; Free same-day shipping inside!; A Fox News meteorologist kills with kindness and we are officially dead; Here’s one way to break free from inside a freezer; A truck completely annihilates the finish line at a cycling race in Australia; People are buying the wrong Fire and Fury and they’re really mad that there is no mention of Donald Trump.



Happy birthday Doug Dixon; Todd Wooten said this is the best SEC Shorts he’s seen all season. Congratulations Josh Snead the rest of the SEC Shorts team!; Speaker Ryan is in an early lead for best clip of Jeremy Art’s 2018 Year in Review; Jacob Wood is on a four month run of awesomeness; Rob Collins is in the midst of a strong, three-year run; Congratulations to Jamie Weinstein and Michelle Fields for landing Valerie Jarrett for a Churchill Tommy Gun Society Dinner; Dear Nick Saban, please recruit and sign a five-star kicker this summer; Brittney & Billy Godoy had the best Monday night date night ever; We’re giving Brendan Buck some space; Kayla Priehs is headed to Amsterdam for the weekend; Rob Raffety is a man of progress; Laurent Crenshaw crushed his CES panel; Patrick Wilson traded in his loafers for flip-flops; The weather is literally going from 70 degrees today to below breezing by Monday. Enjoy the flu season Washington!;Jolt Cola was trolling Amos Snead this week; Louisa Imperiale is all in for Oprah; Congrats to API for a great State of American Energy address this week; And to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for a great State of American Business address!; Hello Liz Eddy and Allison Cunningham!; Happy birthday Rebecca Doser! (h/t Graham MacGillivray); Amanda Pedigo is killing the summit game! (h/t Philip Minardi); Give Dylan Vorbach a high five; Caroline Tabler crushed the AM Soul game; Blair Ellis is giving us breakfast envy; Abby Sevcik and Mystery Friends continue to rock it; Alex Finland needs to work on his his mean face; Congrats to Kaya Singleton on making it through her previous job as a sailor with no teeth; Molly Boyce Edgington has no shame in the game when it comes to rooting for Carolina in DC; Congrats on 1500 classes Brandon Maupin!

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Huge congratulations to Washingtonian writer and all-around rockstar Elaina Plott on her new role as a staff writer for The Atlantic. #CrushingIt; Also at The Atlantic, National Review executive editor Reihan Salam has signed on as a contributing editor. Salam will provide coverage and commentary on issues relating to U.S. and international politics; The American Hotel & Lodging Association has promoted Brian Crawford to senior vice president and department head of governmental affairs. Crawford spent the last four years as vice president of governmental and political affairs for AHLA, and came to the organization from Capitol Hill, where he was chief of staff for Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL); After nearly five years with Fox News, Cherie Paquette is making moves to the hill, where she will serve as the media affairs & events manager for the House Republican Conference; NBC News has added Heidi Przybyla and Vaughn Hillyard as national political reporters. Przybuyla comes from USA Today and Hillyard has been with NBC News since 2013; Two moves and an addition at CNN: Ashley Codianni (who completed the first ever Snapchat interview with a senator) has been named executive producer of social and emerging media. Prior to this, Codianni was a senior producer and digital correspondent for CNN Politics and also spent time as director of news video for Mashable, amongst other impressive things; White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is now chief White House correspondent; And Veronica Stracqualursi joins the breaking news team as an associate producer from ABC News; James Langford, previously banking and finance editor for TheStreet.com, is now business editor at Washington Examiner; At the New York Times, Katie Rogers has a new role as White House correspondent. Rogers has been with the DC bureau since last January and before this was an editor on the NYT Now project after joining from the Guardian; Also at the Times, Gilbert Cruz, most recently television editor and digital journalist, has been named Culture Editor; Politico financial services reporter Lorraine Woellert is transitioning to a new beat as she joins the outlet’s White House team; The office of Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) recently added Rob Friedlander, Treasury spokesperson, as communications director and senior adviser; Ashley Czin, former senior program advisor at OMB, has joined PhRMA as senior director for policy and research; The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has added Dwayne Carson, former director of coalitions and outreach for the House Republican Study Committee, as managing director of federal relations; Former Treasury Department deputy assistant for leg affairs, Chris Rosello has joined HSBC as US head of public affairs. Rosello most recently was senior vice president for federal government affairs at Wells Fargo; René Muñoz, most recently a professional staffer for the House Homeland Security Committee, has joined the Univision government affairs team; After six years with Direct Impact, Lauren Williams Morgan has joined Targeted Victory as vp of public affairs; From the USTelecom Association, Amy Schatz is making moves to Glen Echo Group as a director. Schatz is also a veteran reporter, having spent time at Politico, Re/code and the Wall Street Journal; Peck Madigan Jones is adding hill veteran Emily Kirlinas a partner. Kirlin, who most recently was director of members services for Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, and also spent time working for former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN); And finally, congratulations to Sarah Dolan, most recently director of media relations for the National Restaurant Association, on her new role as communications director at America Rising #DoBigThings


Famous birthday wishes to Virginia Lyons, Doug Dixon, Doug Thornell, Anthony Golia, Andrew Riddaugh, Brooke Brower, Aly Navarro, Michelle Fields, Freddie Tunnard, Lauren Fritts, Ryan Murphy, Megan Taylor, Meredith Bonyun and Clay Alspach!


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