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FamousDC and AGA Kickoff NFL Football Season

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A new addition to the FamousDC and American Gaming Association event roster has been added. The two teams joined forces last night to kick off the most wonderful time of the year: NFL football.

Bipartisan politics were placed offsides for a few hours so that guests could focus on a better match up ahead of the New England Patriots v. Kansas City Chiefs game. All-star guests mingled as hors d’oeuvres and cocktails were passed around and devoured too quickly for there to be any room for locker room banter.

Famously Spotted: Peter Albrecht, Caroline Anderegg, Jeremy Art, Whitaker Askew, Gabriel Bastomski, Elizabeth Bennett, Samantha  Boyd, Jenell Brown, Melissa Brown, Jeff Burton, Kelly Cohen, Lauren Coughlin, Catharine Cyper, Patrick Garrigan, Steve Guest, Nick Johnston, Patrick Long, Molly Mitchell, Howard Mortman, Bobby Panzenbeck, Timothy Robinson, Ricardo Terrazas, Emil Weiss, Kelsey Wessels, Megan Wilson, Brian Wohlert