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Friday Round Up

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Awesome events: Maybe Ben Folds and the National Symphony Orchestra will perform some songs for the dumped tonight at the Kennedy Center; Budweiser and baseball tonight? Say no more; Get folked up this Saturday; The beach is closer than you think; Because we live in the nation’s capital and we deserve to start the patriotic party early; Spend Independence Day with Will Smith; Red, White and Brew isn’t just a party, it’s the American way; What’s more American than celebrating America’s pastime on America’s birthday?; Here are some places to watch the sky get lit that aren’t the National Mall; Putt in your best effort at Topgolf Nights every weekend this summer!


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We wanted to know what it was like to be an intern, but not so much that we wanted to find out ourselves. Our intern Josh did the work for us in our season finale of FamousDC’s non-Netflix original series: Life of An Intern. Miss a few episodes? Binge here.


Love politics and pop culture? Then The Swamp Podcast might be all you need; Survey says: July is going to be hawt; Sweetlife is coming back…sort of; You had us at “wine bar”; Hope these vegetables taste as good as the Instagrams look; Nothing lasts forever – like really old Oak Trees.


How Senators and House members are spending the Fourth of July; Thanks, but we’ll stick with the iPhone clock; Speaking of which, happy birthweek, iPhone!; Nicole Kidman started her career by eating worms; We’re already excited for Christmas.


National Candy Month might be wrapping up, but the sweet celebration will continue. Not that we need an excuse to recognize our beloved snacks, but it’s nice to be informed about the finer things in life.


This is the sweetest interview we’ve ever done

We turned the tables on Bret Baier

Here’s a bird’s eye view of one of the coolest offices in DC

The entertaining and very accurate life cycle of Capitol Hill

Beat the heat! (Or learn to live with it, at least)

It’s #AlwaysATreat to work with the National Confectioners Association

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

A big congratulations to Lauren Culbertson on her move to Twitter’s public policy team after more than two years of crushing it at Millennial Bridge Consulting; Chris Cylke is joining the American Gaming Association as vice president of government affairs. Cylke makes the move from his current role as SVP of government affairs at the National Music Publishers Association; MSNBC has named both Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker and New York Times columnist Bret Stephens contributors; Amelia Breinig is making a move from her role as deputy press secretary for the Senate Finance Committee to serve as a press secretary for the U.S. Trade Representative; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and staff writer for The Marshall Project Ken Armstrong joins ProPublica as a senior reporter; Banner Public Affairs welcomes former CTIA public affairs manager Kelly Miller as a senior account executive; Current press secretary for Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) Taylor Holgate is joining the Consumer Healthcare Products Association as senior manager for federal government affairs; Most recently director of credentialing for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Lauren Ehrsam is joining the comms team at DOJ; After serving two years as the majority staff director for Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Joel Leftwich is leaving the Hill to join Glover Park Group as a managing director; Josh Pollack is joining the National Association of Broadcasters as vice president of government relations. Pollack most recently served as special assistant to the President for legislative affairs in the Obama White House; Samantha Greene, former communications director for the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, recently joined the office of Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) as communications director; The Hawthorn Group adds Steven Cohen, most recently a consultant to DDC Advocacy as a Vice President; NBC News’ new platform THINK, set to launch in the fall, welcomes Quartz deputy ideas editor Meredith Bennett-Smith as editor; Fritz Brogan has been named finance chair of Rep. Francis Rooney’s (R-FL) campaign and leadership PAC; And finally, CNN has launched a new multiplatform brand around politics editor-at-large Chris Cillizza. Check out “The Point with Chris Cillizza” and sign up for the newsletter here.


Famous birthday wishes to Paul Cenoz, Carolina Hurley, Tony Fratto, Daffnei O’Bryan Riedel, Brian Jodice, Jason Cabel Roe, Mike Lurie, Megan Barnett Bloomgren, Karen Modlin, Megan Bramble Owings, Casey Hastings Johnson, Erin McPIke, Lindsey Lipscomb, Emily Spain, Jordan Davis, David Vogel, Carl Forti, Jeanne Hicks Wolak, Breanna Olson Schafe, Susan Lindahl, John Legittino, Azzemeh Zaheer, Meg Gilley, Myra Miller, Neal Patel, M.V. Young, Matthew Dybwad, Kate MacGregor, Sophie Pyle, Hannah Flint, Brittany Espy, Kara Rowland, Monday, Maureen Westphal, Blake D. Dvorak, Jim McGreevy, TJ Whittle, Julie Van Antwerpen, Ben Dresner, Caroline McKay, John Lines, Richard Lee, Kaya Singleton, Bailey O’Brien, France Latremoliere, Sara Palmer and Willa Frej! 


DC will dearly miss the Stallman family!; Please say a prayer for everyone headed to Travis Cooke‘s bachelor party this weekend; If you weren’t celebrating National Candy Month last night with FamousDC and National Confectioners Association it’s time to recalibrate your social networks; We hear Will Marty has some serious lady days lined up this weekend with Allie Freeman and Dorothy Allen; Ask Cameron Easley about congressional salaries; Don’t stop posting puppy videos, Carolina HurleyKyle Dropp crushed it at Aspen Ideas Fest; We’re seeing more Lisa Leonard in our lives and we LOVE IT; Erin Lange is a brilliant bad a$$; Drew Ellis has it all figured out — new home, soon-to-be-wife, awesome dog and a sweet Jeep. We’ll buy that life advice book when it goes to print; We missed Kristen Soltis Anderson in Candy Land; Kate MacGregor testifies on Capitol Hill like a boss; Tom Manatos is bringing the #Spotify playlist RapCaviar concert to DC; Shawn Pasternak is going to missed around the office next week; Jeremy Art owes us a thank you for not making him watch the ending of the Nationals vs. Cubs Thursday night; Ben Jenkins is one of the most quotable people in DC; The Redskins ended the month of June undefeated; Tell Lauren Culbertson congratulations on her new gig with Twitter; Ask Jack Smith if Kanye West > Kendrick Lamar; Whit Askew is getting amped up for the LPGA; We miss Blain Rethmeier; Will Archie Smart read this email?; Art Bochner took our call yesterday; If you get this email, forward it to Matt Lira and ask him about his latest news; Champagne bottle coming in hot (eventually), Kaya Singleton; Never forget about those paper hats, Alyson ChwatekEvan Williams is a soul-singing cider-drinking champ; We’re sending Katie Neville some seriously good weekend vibes; Is Jenny Kay enjoying leftover candy for lunch today?; Wondering whether Christian Dibblee is caught up in the Buchanan or Lincoln era; Adri Jackson better be ready to soul like she’s never cycled before; Who will be wearing FamousDC work out gear at SoulCycle on Saturday?; Ask Bess Hughes how Rachel Pearson is about to make classical music cool with millennials; Nathan Imperiale only buys the best dad jeans.


HBD America!