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Friday Round Up

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Photo: Jarrett Hendrix

Weather: So is it gonna snow or not? Your expert meteorologists say “maybe…maybe not,” which is a great answer if you’re not looking for an answer at all. If it does snow, chances are highest between tonight and tomorrow morning, but don’t expect much. You’re likely to see more frozen moisture inside that old carton of red velvet ice cream you’ve had in your freezer for six months. Regardless of whether this weekend turns into a winter wonderland or not, it’s still going to be fuh-rigid with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens on both Saturday and Sunday. Grab your biggest coat and warmest Snuggie and glue them on because if you catch a cold, we’d never be able to forgive ourselves.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Find your funk at the 9:30 Club either night this weekend; Or if you need some Yeezy and Drizzy Drake in your life, head over to the Black Cat on Saturday for a dance party that won’t let you down; You could always hang on the Hill and head to H Street for a 90’s dance party and $2 drinks tonight; Find your Secret Garden before the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s wildly popular production closes this Sunday; Have you seen the National Gallery of Art’s new (and incredible) Alexander Calder exhibit yet?; You can head to the Hirshhorn Museum after that for an amazing perspective on modern works of art; You’ve still got time to grab tickets for tonight’s Wizards game against the Timberwolves!; Hat tip to DCist for this solid list of eateries to experience this weekend.


Rebecca Spicer is the SVP of Communications and Public Affairs for the National Beer Wholesalers Association. When she says that taste-testing beer on Friday afternoons is for “business research and development,” we believe her, but man are we jealous.


If you don’t have the Uber app, a bike or anything that’s not the Metro, now is a good time to get on thatDupont Underground is back and looking better than everWe could watch the DC eagle cam for hours (and we have); We’ve heard of snakes in boots and Snakes on a Plane, but snakes in toilets? No thanks!; We are currently accepting invitations to the Obama’s last White House bash; Here’s one way to score a picture with the PresidentThe results are in…you are NOT the owner (anymore)But won’t they get cold when their train delays? Find out on Sunday at 3pmBecause Old Bay really does make everything taste better – why not an entire bar dedicated to the Old Line State?


Thanks for the New Year’s resolutions, Dana Perino!; Is Princess Leia worthy of Disney royalty?; Wendy’s social media mastermind unveiled! It’s no McDonald’s, but we’re lovin it; On Inauguration Day, it’s all about “‘Weed’ the People”; Here’s a great list of every diet we’ll eventually quit in 2017; Wearing a suit to the birth of your niece is one way to show her who’s bossYou can file “The New York Times on Dabbing” under “things we didn’t think we’d ever read“; We’re in the dark about why the lights went out on the Washington Monument; The real story here is that Omarosa has a last name.


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Here’s an oldie, but a (like, really) goodie. In honor of one of DC’s favorite barbecue spots, DCity Smokehouse, opening up its brand spankin’ new location this week, we’re bringing out one of our favorite Famous Fives with the pit master of said favorite barbecue spot, Shawn McWhirter. Watch this video with caution as we take no responsibility for any resulting hanger.



Famous birthday wishes to Morgan Voss, Carrie Wild, Allison Mataya, Geoff Tracy, L.D. Platt, Veronica Vaquer, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, Laura Chamber Crist, John Drogin, Senator Robert Menendez, Kimball Stroud, Stuart Sicilliano, Mark Hyman, Stewart Verdery, Ashley Hurt Callen, Eric Pfeiffer, Mikey Houser (RIP), Jay Rupert, Richard A. Fowler, Rep. Terri Sewell, Catherine Easley, Lauren Elizabeth Patterson, Rep. Rodney Davis, Lindsey Shindler, Brendan Drewniany, Rep. Marc Veasey, Bobby McMillin, Paul Nagel, Will Troost, Robert Horne, Rep. Derek Kilmer, Rep. Frank Lucas


Did Zach Hanover get his barbecue fix? How’s the new name and new office treatin ya, Kelsey Jones Art? Lauren Boyer’s dog spends his time wisely; We can’t decide who is more of our hero: Brenna Williams or Joe Biden; Cathy Merrill Williams made her Today Show debut; Josh Bolten just had his LinkedIn requests skyrocket — as did Barrett Karr!; May the odds be ever in your favor this weekend, Amos Snead and Taz Jones #RollTide; Jeremy Art is Famous for NYT; We don’t know why chokers are a thing either, Conor Swanberg; Famous congratulations to Ted and Elizabeth Greener on their growing family! Give Mike Haidet a high five for his fancy new haircut; The Google and IJR teams pulled off a stellar welcome party for the new class of Congress; Will Hurd > Brad Pitt; Lauren Hagen just wants cottage cheese in her life; We’d like to know more about the world of burritos, Tim Regan; But which doughnut was Jessica Sidman’s favorite?; Got any room for us in that carryon, Jen Richer? Safe travels to Thailand!; DC wants more of Bubba Atkinson’s dogs; When is Becky Card going to put on an ice skating show in Navy Yard?; Brittany Havens is looking for dentist suggestions…for adults; Ida Rosenthal is going to crush her New Year’s resolutions!; Congratulations to Joey and Maggie Maloney on their bundle of joy!; Tell Cassie Smedile congratulations!; What did Tommy McFly do to keep himself entertained during jury duty?; Natasha Flint kinda looks good in chalk; Happy 72nd anniversary to Barbara and Pres. George H.W. Bush!; Where art thou, Stephen Strobel?; Congratulations to Jack Smith on his growing family! Bring back that tank top, Doug Heye; We sure miss Paige Gress!; We’re totally crushing on Angie Goff‘s kids!; We really can’t tell the difference between Will Allison and a koala; Have a great time with your brother, Febin Bellamy; Hope you’re banking on those airline miles, Andrew Heaton; Does Paul Sorenson read the Round Up or is he still too busy driving golf carts around?



Congratulations to Stephanie Genco, Alyson Chwatek and Shawn Pasternak on joining the S3 Public Affairs family!; Congratulations to Lauren Williams on her promotion to executive editor at Vox News. The outlet also welcomes Jim Tankersley, most recently with the Washington Post, to head up its policy and politics section. Faiz Shakir will serve as interim national political director for the ACLU. He previously worked as a senior aide to multiple senior Democratic members. The Hill welcomes Nicholas Hahn as its new chief opinion editor. Hahn most recently served as the assistant editorial page editor for the opinion section at The Detroit News (h/t Corinne Grinapol). Axios adds Evan Ryan, former Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, and Tim Berry, former Chief of Staff to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), as executive vice presidents. James Braid, most recently Chief of Staff to Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC), joins the office of Rep. Tedd Budd (R-NC) as Chief of Staff. Alex Vargo, previously with Heritage Action for America, joins the office as legislative director. Melissa Brown joins his team as press secretary. She previously worked as deputy digital director at FP1 Strategies. Josh Stewart makes a move to the Hill, where he will serve as communications director in the office of Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH). Before this, he worked as deputy communications director at the Sunlight Foundation. The Wall Street Journal has announced James Taranto as its editorial features editor, where he will lead the newspaper’s op-ed pages. Jon Reedy joins SRCPmedia as a vice president. He previously served as a regional political director at the NRCC. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has promoted Barrett Karr to Chief of Staff. Congrats! Charles Brittingham makes a move to Cassidy & Associates as a senior vice president, where he will focus on energy and natural resources. He previously served as a staffer to Sen. David Vitter (R-LA). Amy Wolverton, most recently with HTC America, has joined AMD as associate vice president for US government affairs. BuzzFeed adds Jason Leopold to its legal reporting team. Leopold previously worked with Vice News. Jeff Morehouse joins ClearPath as director of government affairs. Before this, he served as Chief of Staff to Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX). Marsha Catron is making a move back to the Hill, where she will serve as chief of staff to Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA). Courtney Weaver joins the office of Rep. John Faso (R-NY) as communications director. She previously served as communications director for Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX). Public Opinion Strategies welcomes George Nassar III as a vice president. Before this, Nassar served as a regional political director at the NRCC. Liz Bartolomeo has made a move to the office of Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), where she will serve as communications director. Heather Purcell also joins the office as press secretary. Bartolomeo joins from the Center for American Progress and Purcell makes the move from her position at 270 Strategies. Lindsey Melander Schulte is the newest addition to Sentinel Strategic Advisors. Former Communications Director at the DNC, Adam Hodge, is joining SKDKnickerbocker’s public affairs team as a vice president. Chelsee Woodey, most recently director of legislative affairs at the IDFA makes a move to the American Frozen Food Institute as vice president of government affairs. Christy Lewis is the new digital director for the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. The IFA welcomes Suzanne Beall as assistant vice president of government relations and public policy. She most recently served as federal legislative director for the National Association of Home Builders. Gilad Edelman and Saahil Desai join the Washington Monthly team, as an editor and digital editor, respectively. Fox News Channel has announced that Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly, who is making a move to NBC, as the host of its 9pm programing. Carlson most recently hosted his own show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” And finally, Greta Van Susteren moves to MSNBC and is taking over the 6pm slot as host of new show “For the Record.” Best of luck!


Tigers and Tide. It’s on.