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Fashionably Famous: Fa la la la Fashion at Miracle on 7th Street

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‘Tis the season for festive attire and the perfect place to find your Fa La La fashion inspiration is Miracle on 7th Street. Returning for its second year, this popular themed pop-up bar is where the holiday magic happens in DC. Derek Brown, Angie Fetherston and their talented team of elves have brought this creative wonderland to life again and have expanded the bar to take over Mockingbird Hill, Eat The Rich and Southern Efficiency.  This means more Santa, goats in Christmas sweaters, narwhals, dreidels, eggnog shots, and holiday fashion for everyone. This is an experience to not be missed!

I stopped by this winter wonderland for a preview and experienced some merry style musings. My favorite themed looks are below to help inspire your own spirited style.

Photo: Jessica Mitrovich/Kaz Sasahara

Anyone can look pretty wearing ugly sweaters during the holidays. Derek Brown told me he picked his “Icelandic” inspired sweater to match the alluring Northern Lights projected onto the wall in Mockingbird Hill. Meanwhile, I decided to take advantage of the theme to not only let my fashion celebrate the season, but one of my greatest talents.

Photo: Jessica Mitrovich/Kaz Sasahara

Understated yet clever, this dapper elf ensemble worn by Chris Plourde could easily rival Fashion Santa.  

Photo: Jessica Mitrovich/Kaz Sasahara

The perfect Snow Queen, Adriana Salame, looks lovely in her sparkly velvet dress. As manager of Miracle on 7th Street, this talented lady is stylish in every way!

Photo: Jessica Mitrovich/Kaz Sasahara

Trevor Frye will soon be opening his own bar, Marble Alley. He picked a hat with multicultural Santas and paired it with a t-shirt only the best quote from our favorite Elf — “OMG Santa?! I know him!”

Miracle on 7th Street is currently open and will run through NYE! In addition to the outstanding craft cocktail menu, Stella Artois and Budweiser have partnered with Miracle on 7th Street to create a new beer cocktail for the themed menu, along with beer inspired swag and other boozy treats. 

Before you head out to enjoy this real life miracle of an experience, I revived and updated a Politiquette post from last year with Tips for the Ultimate Enjoyment of Miracle on 7th Street:

  • Dress the part! I think it makes the experience that much more festive.  Everyone who works there is dressed festively, and you can too.  It’s a very welcoming and friendly environment.
  • Arrive early.  I think the later you arrive, the longer you wait for this amped up holiday experience.  I recommend bringing coffee, friends and/or having a fully charged phone to keep you company in line.  Believe it or not, it’s going to get colder, so wear warm outerwear.  NOTE: The wait should (hopefully) be shorter this year with 3 bar spaces!
  • Be prepared to enjoy holiday cheer.
  • Start with “nog shots.”  They are delicious.
  • For your second round, enjoy a nice, light sparkling drink “Gretchen, Stop trying to make Fetch Happen.”  Order it not just for the name, but for the key ingredients: sherry, cranberry, SPARKLING WINE, rosemary and a few others. Obviously this one is for all of my girls who wear pink on Wednesdays.
  • Order another one of the 11 merry cocktails on the menu.
  • Order another one of the 11 merry cocktails on the menu. (no, this is not a typo.  This event comes but once a year so sample the menu while you can!)
  • Be nice to other people inside the bar (and while waiting in line). This is a place for ultimate cheer.
  • Finish with a “Francisco, That’s Fun to Say.”  Mezcal, chocolate “milk” (coconut, bananas, spice), green chartreuse marshmallows.  This drink will make you smile because after all, smiling’s my favorite.
  • You can take home the decorative glasses that all have Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and others from the gang etched on them. This can be for your own further merriment or to give as gifts or a great stocking stuffer.   Trust me, $10 to pay for a glass seems like nothing after you have enjoyed a few of the cocktails on the menu.
  • Tip well.  Seriously.  The staff is awesome and genuinely excited for this time of year to give you a whimsical experience.  That said, as much as you might think they are naturally able to be jolly 100% of their shift several nights a week, this requires serious endurance, dedication and passion.  Pay their generous holiday spirit forward.  Literally.