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Famous Congratulations Rodell!

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A celebration is certainly in order for our friend, Rodell Mollineau and *new* fiancé, Sheena Arora! Rodell popped the question over the weekend and from the looks of it, Sheena happily obliged.

“We met when I was President of American Bridge and Sheena was working at Message Global. We both had office space in the same building/same floor. We became hallway friends and it progressed from there. As for the proposal: Sheena thought a few friends were coming over for a drink and then we were going out. Instead she came home to a private chef making us dinner. I’m pretty sure she knew the jig was up from there, but she played along. I proposed to her after dessert at our new dining room table, which we had yet to use. We had always expected to make many memories at that table, but it will be hard to top this.” (h/t Playbook)

Join us in congratulating the newly engaged couple!