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Famous 5: Whitney Cole

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If there’s anything unique about Whitney Cole, it’s not the fact that she left the sunshine and palm trees of Florida to fulfill a life full of seasons and temps below 40. Although unusual and often questioned, she’s not the only warm-blooded creature to do so.

What’s more, is that when Whitney isn’t wearing her winter hat, she’s wearing a hard hat. This chick in construction is no stranger to calling the shots and bossing around the boys. A little dirt on her outfit means a good day and you won’t find any scuff marks on her heels – she wouldn’t dare wear those to work.

Catch her after hours, however, and she’s like any other trendy Washingtonian, staying fit with the city’s active crowd, trying out new recipes, and showing you a bit of her Whit.


1. What’s your favorite thing about your blog?

I love how random it is. I started this blog in 2008. Which means I was a fresh out of college and new to the working thing. It started out as a spot I talked about my drunken escapades and dating woes. Not trying to give away my secrets, but if you cruise back a couple years, you’ll get some real belly laughs. I’ve been known to teach how to shotgun beers (Bud Heavy!) on video. Now, it’s a little more mature and healthy-living focused. You know, like most things — they get finer with age. Mostly wine, but whatever. You get it.
I think the blog is a perfect reflection of who I am. If you know me, you’ll read it and hear my voice. I’m not proper. I’m just funny — and a really good cook. (Maybe a little sarcastic too).


If you’ve forgotten about pesto. Let me remind you. #dynamite

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2. What’s your happy place?

Traveling is my happy place. Near or far. I caught the wanderlust bug and try to plan a trip once a year. I’ve made it to Belize, Lisbon, London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam, Punta Cana, and tons of US cities. I’ve got a trip planned for Dublin in the Spring and many more in the future. Seeing new cultures, experiencing new food, getting lost, meeting new friends — how can that not make you happy?!



3. What’s something you’ve posted on Instagram that best describes you?

I’ve got a bit of a split personality when it comes to Instagram. I have two accounts. One solely dedicated to food, and one for fun. So i’ll do two. I make the rules right?
@whit_eats: eggs and bacon. This is my go-to breakfast on the weekends. The boyfriend and I will stay in bed a little late, turn some coffee on, and cook breakfast together. During the week I’m out the door by 6:30 so it’s nice to have time together on the weekends. *awwwww*
@whitcole: laughing. I’m always laughing. Usually at myself, but I’m equal opportunity. I make sure all my friends are funny too. Life Lesson: you should too.
Two Pics (2)


4. What’s queued up on on your music playlist? What were you doing the last time you listened?

This is where I might lose some people. I’m not a huge music fan. I’ll listen to it sometimes to fill the silence, but I like the silence. I work in construction so I listen to LOUD NOISES all day long, so riding home in the car with just the wind is perfect. However, if I have to sit down and focus I’ll set a Spotify station (currently: country coffeehouse) and tune out. Lame response. I KNOW.


5. Your turn. Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Q. Shameless plug: What are some of your favorite recipes?

I get asked this ALL the time. I try to be creative in my cooking. When I make meals, I NEVER follow a recipe. So when it comes time for me to type one up I cross my fingers and hope it was a tablespoon versus a teaspoon. That’d be awkward…just kidding. When I do cook for the blog, I pay attention.
I like new things. I try to follow the seasonal veggies and fruits and never eat the same thing twice. Even if it’s just a spice change-up. My go-to dinner: steak (seared first then oven) and roasted brussel sprouts. That’s my “stuck on an island, only eat one meal for the rest of your life” meal. But if I’m stuck on an island with steak and brussel sprouts, I’d be really confused.



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