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The Future Of Voting

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The Tuesday after the first Monday of November brings much anticipation. Election Day! A day filled with excitement and patriotism. On November 8th, every citizen over the age of 18 has a say in who runs our country, what could be better?

Election Day also brings lines, lines, and more lines… we’re already stressed thinking about it – the line at Starbucks every morning is bad enough. Long queues wind out the doors of schools and community centers all the way down the block. Rain or shine. Not to mention our country’s administrators have had a rough time counting the ballots correctly in the past.


We use our smartphones now to call rides, send pictures, take videos, write emails, edit projects and do everything else we can possibly think of. They might as well be super glued to our hands. So why wouldn’t we use them to vote?


Our friends at Inno.vote are fed up with the voting system too. Luckily, they’ve got a plan. They want people to be able to cast their ballots via phone anytime, anywhere, and aim to have the application up and running by the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

To create this mobile voting system, they developed a program called BallotChain— its inner workings are complicated and techie, but in short, it creates an efficient and secure voting application.

The app will allow voters to register, send push notifications for elections, and clear-up confusing ranked-choice voting. With Inno.vote, you can sit on the couch in your PJs and be a stand-up citizen at the same time. Sounds like our kind of app.

Inno.vote is an incredible idea and to ensure its success, the team needs help. They’re raising money on a Kickstarter and the funds will help them hold beta test elections, meet with hundreds of voting jurisdictions, and make the app a reality.

Help them bring voting into the future.