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Fashionably Famous: The Dolls

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By Politiquette’s Marissa Mitrovich: Politiquette is a place to be inspired by the art of fashion. Readers gain an understanding of the politics of why to wear–and the etiquette of when to wear–specific styles. Marissa Mitrovich founded Politiquette with the goal of bringing further substance to the dialogue surrounding style in DC. 

If you didn’t notice it trending on twitter, you’re probably not cool. MCON, the three-day conference dedicated to inspiring and empowering the millennial* generation, took place in Washington, DC last week. Inspired by millennials, but multigenerational in attendance, the MCON conference and surrounding events provided a forum for the discussion of topics that make attendees’ “hearts beat faster”. Think: social good, innovation and making the world a better place.

Speaking of hearts, one thing that makes mine beat faster (and I know I am not alone) is the amazing DJ duo, The Dolls.  The Dolls combines the talents of Mia Moretti on vinyl, beats, etc. and Margot on strings – she plays the electric violin.  These women, who also happen to be fashion icons, are muses to others through their musical talent. They have used their own platform to empower and push boundaries that create opportunities for women in the arts and bring awareness to many social causes.

I had the privilege of interviewing The Dolls at the Nylon Magazine MCON party at Soundcheck in DC and we talked about, none other than, my favorite topic: Fashion.

Check out The Dolls music on SoundCloud here. See more of Anna Meyer’s photos here.

*Millennials: No precise date, but born within the range-ish of 1980 to around 2000 according to best resource ever: Wikipedia.

Check out The Dolls music on SoundCloud here. See more of Anna Meyer’s photos here.