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Other Sh*t Just As Unpopular As Our Presidential Candidates

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We’re well into this 2016 election season and it has seriously felt like one big science experiment, but instead of lab rats and monkeys, it’s us – innocent and defenseless human beings. Our principals, ideologies and, especially, our patience continue to be tested by two mad scientists guised as presidential candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – and spoiler alert: we don’t think we’re going to find the cheese at the end of this terrifying maze anytime soon.

The results of the above experiment conclude that our presidential candidates are not popular with human beings. Not even close to popular.

If you don’t believe us, behold the latest poll that dominated the news yesterday.

Hillary’s unfavorability rating is at 55%, while 70% of Americans don’t enjoy anything about Donald Trump. Put it this way, if you brought those grades home to Mom, she’d ground you from your Nintendo for the rest of the week (or iPhones for you young kids).

The stats clearly show no one’s crazy about either candidate and, speaking of cheese, some would rather eat the fat-free kind than listen to another Donald Trump rant. In fact, these are the two least favorable presidential candidates since the 1984 election, which Reagan won. Maybe it’s Trump’s bad orange tan or the fluffy blonde hair they both sport, but either way, Americans are not excited about these two nominees. Hillary can have hot sauce in her bag (swag), all she wants, this will still be a rough election.

In the spirit of making our presidential candidates feel better about the fact that most Americans don’t actually like them, we conducted our own poll. In summary, it was quite difficult to find things less popular than our presidential hopefuls.


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