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Beers For the Boys In Blue

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Don’t be alarmed when you see flashing cop lights in your rear view mirror this weekend – they’re not going after you for once. Well, we don’t know that, but we do know that there will be tens of thousands of officers from around the world in town for National Police Week ’16. If there was ever a time to be on your best behavior, this week is it.

Sounds stressful right? You should probably have a beer to calm your nerves. In fact, while you’re out grabbing a beer, buy one for an officer. And while you’re buying a beer for that officer that could potentially pull you over in a few weeks, (but will let you off with a warning because of that time you bought him or her that $3 Miller Light) take a picture and send it to us.


The first 3 people to buy a beer for a law enforcement officer and send us a picture gets some super cool FamousDC swag that is sure to get you out of any trouble you run into.

You can tweet it, email it, or personally deliver it from the back of a cop car (which would be pretty badass).