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Obligatory #NationalPetDay Post

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Pets are way better than humans. It’s a fact.

For pet owners, National Pet Day is literally every day of the year, but it’s only appropriate that we give it its own official holiday and #hashtag. National Pet Day is just another way to say “I love you” to that special one (or ones) in your life. In fact, pet-owner relationships might be the only kind where having multiple partners is socially accepted and even commendable.

Have just one dog, cat, fish or maybe a chinchilla? Very cool. Have a dog, cat, fish AND a chinchilla? Wow. What an exceptional human being you are.

National Pet Day is kind of like celebrating a second Christmas or half birthday for that special someone in your life that’s kind of like a person, but more tolerable and less annoying.

We at FamousDC love our pets and want to celebrate so we give these and all pets two paws up, not just today, but every day.


Ernie_DogglesA future so bright, Ernie Fimka needs shades… err “doggles”.


IMG_6650Break time from playtime for Zoey Dunkle.


FullSizeRender (6)Bryant Hagen is always taking one for the team.


Fynnly's story time

But first, story time.


1422847464615 (1)

Nothing like a game of ‘hide and go seek’ with cats.


IMG_6666Macie Shea is a full time bae.


Slack for iOS UploadWhat a ruff life.



We couldn’t agree more, Daphne.


Louie!We’re all wrapped up in Louie Ghessie’s cuteness.


Pasted image at 2016_04_11 10_12 AM (1)



Pasted image at 2016_04_11 10_12 AM (3)

Just one of Teddy Imperiale’s good sides.


Slack for iOS Upload (2)

Ridin’ dirty.



Gauge Shultz is “the best damn dog a guy could ask for”.



Wine night with Wilder.