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Famous Picks – Final Four

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A few weeks back, FamousDC teamed up with the American Gaming Association and the Washington Examiner to tip off the beginning of March Madness with an epic watch party. As guests mingled, sipped cocktails, and talked basketball, we had them submit their picks for the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament.

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Turns out our friends are better at partying than they are at projecting as no one correctly guessed more than two of the final four teams.

The Final Four:

Syracuse | Oklahoma | Villanova | UNC

Graphic by MGN via WWMT.com
Graphic by MGN via WWMT.com

Shout out to these famous folks who topped the charts with their picks!

Steve Doty

Cameron Easley

Margaret Given

Belinda Judson

Jackson Marsteller

Clair Maye-Key

Vanessa Morrone

Kirkwood Palmer

Michael Pepe

Jennifer Pett

Emily Sacher

Robert Sinners

Dan Smith