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A Sweet Surprise

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College Republicans, journalists, Republican strategists and TV personalities alike came together last night for Alexandra Smith’s 27th birthday party at Molly Malone’s in southeast DC. (h/t Carolina Hurley)

As the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee – not only the first woman chairman, but also the recently re-elected chairman – Alex has inspired many in her time in Washington and last night was just another small reminder to show it. Not only has she inspired others by her drive and intellect (like, HELLO, she finished law school while running a multi-million dollar committee), but she’s also inspired many to truly understand the importance of the youth vote in the 2016 election and beyond.


[Really good] dancing was accompanied by cocktails and great company – all there to show support for the rising star in the Republican Party.


Cheers to another year, Smith! 27 has never looked better.