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Weather: We hate to say it but this weekend looks dreary. Skies will be mostly cloudy with a chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday – perfect weekend to binge on the new House of Cards season if you ask us.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Hit up the DC Independent Film Festival all weekend long; If you dare exit DC, Trevor Noah will be at the Hippodrome on Saturday; Join the DC Whiskey Walk and try eight different premium whiskeys around Dupont Circle.


Turns out Tommy McFLy has a face for more than just radio… as his name suggests.


God, that man’s voice…; This is the best thing to happen in Miami since Will Smith’s 1997 music video; We’ve all been waiting for it: Ted Cruz and a Bad Lip Reading; We’ll miss you, Foo Fighters; This basically sums up Tuesday night; One of the best quotes from Oscars coverage: “I wouldn’t know”; These tweets about Chris Christie’s face are the most important things to happen this election year; Kevin Spacey, we love you but please shave before your next TV interview; It’s like the Magic School Bus is actually happeningPresident Obama will take a break from golfing to attend SXSW.


Here’s what DC foodies would have as their last supper in the capitalArlington County ran out of preprinted GOP ballots; As if the Redskins don’t have enough controversy, Tanya Snyder, wife of team owner, Dan Snyder wants to make America great again; Bagels & Baguettes we already miss you. Who knows a spot on the Hill where they can relocate?; Finally, you don’t have to wait for girl scouts to come knocking on your door to get your hands on delicious cookies; U Street is ready for summer. Are U?; The new DC based TV series, Districtland is not off to a good start.


Mitt Romney Had Something Very Important to Tell the Country

Meet the Cast of Capitol Hill

Dear Politicos, Welcome to Miami

Washington Life Identifies the Young and the Talented of DC

Lawmakers and Lobbyists Duke It Out on the Ice

FamousDC – March

Magic Mike Lurie 


 Toddlers offer an academic analysis of Super Tuesday.


Famous birthday wishes to Laura NolanKate MaroneyMason PlunkettAndrew FimkaRuth DemeterDan ConstonMiguel MarreroJoe Wilson; Walter Stamm; Maya Mangini; Susannah Berry; Christine Hilt; Bryan Saniewski; Lindsay Mathias; Julia Schreck; Matthew Hsu; Bre Daniels.




YUGE! week: Dan Lippman got a Drudge bomb and was on cover of Washington Life; We hope Brian Johnson got us an edible flower; Kenny Ames, we’re also learning “O Canada,” just in case; Looking forward to Mike Lurie’s acoustic sessions; Emily Dahl, AGREED; We’re copying Mike Dankler’s running goals; The internet says Andrew Ricci sucksLooking USA-sharp Frank Hollowell; Max Gigle is a gif making machine; James Walsh is not the hero DC needs; Happy 8th C-SPANniversary, Jeremy Art; Good luck to Robby Wehagen heading off to the Republican convention; Where did Jonathan Black get that stylish tee?; Congrats to William Gray on his move to Issue One; Good luck in New York, Andy Duberstein; Matt Inzeo, when are you getting me that shot?; Rory Cooper has been killing it on Medium recently; Katy Ricalde were you there when the bat interrupted Bret’s cocktail time?; the Magnolia Mansion is going to reconvene in Nashville!; If you need me this weekend I will be busy with this awesome USA Today coloring book (h/t Jenn Sherman); Court Lanio is shredding the powder; Brian Diffell seems to be not a fan of Mr. Trump; Ron Bonjean dropping truth bombs; Hello Patrick Wilson; We’re disappointed that Neil Chatterjee did not wear appropriate attire to ballet class; Is there anyone Elliot Berke has not taken a photo with?; Meghan Latcovich is enjoying Disney World with a special guest; Mark Bryant needs to meet us in Miami; Todd Bowers is OCD about lapel pins and only rides busses with superheroes; Joseph Poduslo, Jeff Lockard, Andrew Smith – where are the Obama’s buying a house in DC?; We had a blast at Caroline Hallaby’s annual Oscar’s party; We hope Taz Jones is shredding the pow in Park City; Kyle Epstein really knows how to rock a Lady Liberty costume; Does Cody Simmons still read the Round Up?; Happy 16th Anniversary to Peter Mirijanian and the Rat Pack.


Mary Katharine Ham joins the team at CNN as a CNN Political Commentator; Lauren Patterson is leaving the Daily Caller and heading to the software industry to join BoardEffect; David Bohrman, CNN veteran & former Current TV president, has joined MSNBC as a consultant for 2016 coverage; Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe joins Post Opinions as a regular contributor on the 2016 presidential race.


Going to see if Scott Kelly wants to go back into space and take us with him.