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Every year, Washington Life Magazine compiles a list of the young movers and shakers who are making names for themselves in the capital. For their eleventh annual list this year, they’ve highlighted over 300 of DC’s most talented folks under forty. Shawna Thomas, Daniel Lippman, Rebecca Berg, and Luke Russert – all of whom are stars in the field of political journalism – grace the cover of the highly anticipated issue. They’re joined by Congress members, White House staffers, PR pros, lobbyists, athletes, chefs, photographers, tech geniuses, philanthropists, and more.

From left to right: Shawna Thomas, Daniel Lippman, Rebecca Berg, Luke Russert. Photo by Tony Powell

FamousDC co-founder Amos Snead was among the young, talented, and successful names scouted by Washington Life. In addition to co-captaining the FamousDC ship, Amos is also the founding partner of Bryant Row Public Affairs which recently announced a partnership with S3 Group.

We’re happy to see so many other familiar names and famous friends on the list and would like to congratulate everyone who was honored.