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Google’s New Patent Would Enable You to Vote Online.


Can you imagine electing the next president of the United States with a simple click?

Google was recently awarded a new patent that outlines a proprietary voter user interface (or VUI for those of us who can only handle three letters at a time), which would enable people to cast votes directly from their iPads, couches and even bathrooms (if that’s your thing) via Google search results.

Although the patent mentions political elections as a possibility, it focuses primarily on TV game shows as more viable opportunities for the time being – think Survivor, The Voice, or even America’s Next Top Model

The voting scenario outlined in the patent is a fictional game show titled “The Top American Singer,” where fans would be able to cast one or more votes for their favorite contestants in real time from Search. Supporting background information about each contestant, such as their songs and fan commentary, would be displayed in the sidebar.


Google explained that the patented interface would be built to leverage social content, social media, and search results. The integration of online voting and Google Search could better inform voters about their choices and perhaps increase participation, especially among young people.

An easier, more convenient way to cast votes is a must, although many argue that Internet-based voting, is vulnerable to fraud and malicious hacking. That being said, Google certainly isn’t dismissing any political plans for online voting, and seems to be revving up its election-generated content.

Just last month, Google launched an experimental feature called “Presidential Candidate Cards,” which permits candidates to provide 14,400 characters and 10 images that appear at the top of Search results when their name is queried — because who wouldn’t want to access endless information about Donald Trump? We know he definitely would. The module is even more accommodating during debates, where statements made by candidates auto-populate in real-time to each card.

There’s no telling when or if Google’s patent will make its way to the political voting main stage. Perhaps in time for a Kanye West presidential run in 2020?