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FamousDC Continues to Expand With New Video Series, Managing Editor

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Kathryn Lyons joins from NBC News

Washington, DC – FamousDC today named Kathryn Lyons as Managing Editor of the growing media company. In this new role, Kathryn will launch a brand new video series and oversee all content.

Kathryn and the FamousDC video series, like all FamousDC content, will provide a unique and exclusive insight into the events and people everyone in Washington, D.C. is talking about.

“FamousDC has an amazing audience and reach. With Kathryn on our team and our own video series, we will be able to engage with an even larger presence at the events and spots shaping the conversation in D.C.,” said Amos Snead, Co-Founder, FamousDC. “Kathryn’s background in television production will allow FamousDC to expand our video coverage of events and people shaping the conversation in Washington, D.C.”

“We’re off to an incredible start to 2016 at FamousDC as the team continues to grow and improve,” said Josh Shultz, Co-Founder, FamousDC. “We look forward to creating an interactive series of video content and additional creative to bring the behind-the-scenes stories to our readers.”

Kathryn joins FamousDC from NBC News where she was the host of “The Lowdown with Lyons” as part of The Week Ahead in Politics. She also spent time as a researcher for TODAY Show and a production assistant for NBC Nightly News. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Mass Media Communications.

Kathryn joins five other new and recently promoted members of the FamousDC team – Marie Formica, Vice President, Partnerships & Operations; Drew Ellis, Creative Director; Cody Simmons, Graphic Designer; Sarah Gunion, Communications Manager; Paige Gress, Events Producer.

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FamousDC is a media outlet that covers the intersection of politics, media and digital. The company has built a trusted audience over the past several years and this allows FamousDC to convene high-level events in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country.

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