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We know how it goes, you hear about a storm coming and you make a long list of lofty goals to accomplish during your hibernation period. And then before you know it, the frenzy passes and it’s Monday again *cue groans*.

…but depending on how you look at the glass, which in this case is definitely frozen, you can potentially use the lingering snow hazards as an excuse for all the things you can’t and don’t want to do. Because you know what they say, why do today what you can put off until the next #snowpocalypse?

Here is a list of all the things you no longer need to feel guilty for failing to accomplish during AND after the storm.

Blizzard Jonas Excuses:

  1. Your afternoon meeting – It just turned into a conference call (aka clothing optional)
  2. Going to the gym – You weren’t going anyway
  3. Going for a run – Don’t be irresponsible
  4. Grocery shopping – Don’t even bother; there’s nothing left
  5. Doing laundry – better to wait
  6. Organizing your closet – not essential
  7. Crushing (at least) 100 pages in your latest book – it’s more of a Netflix kind of week
  8. Writing a first draft op-ed for work next week – OPM shut down the government
  9. Taking action to help combat global warming – have you been outside?!
  10. Washing your hair – hats are required in these temperatures
  11. That Hinge date you’ve been dodging for weeks – what’s another day?
  12. Calling your parents – need to conserve battery in case power goes out
  13. Calling your grandparents – you wouldn’t want to worry them
  14. Calling your out-of-town friends – they don’t want to hear you complain
  15. Stepping outside (See excuses 1-14)

Shout out to Mother Nature for giving us a solid excuse (Get it? You know, because ice…) that we didn’t even have to make up. Now if we can just get her to send the emails…

In the meantime, we’ll be here: