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Politico Co-Founders Will Share Vision for Future of Journalism

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harris-vandeheiPolitico co-founders, John Harris and Jim VandeHei will receive the Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor of the Year award at the National Press Foundation Dinner next month on Thursday, February 11. We are pleased to know that they will also be speaking to the group about their vision for the future of journalism.

The NPF released a statement from the honored guests.

“We believe as strongly as we did nine years ago that there will forever be a need for nonpartisan reporting on government and politics – and that POLITICO is one of the models for profitably funding it in lasting way,” VandeHei and Harris said. “Screen sizes, attention spans, content delivery and reader habits will continue to change at a dizzying pace – but the fundamentals of fairness, serious reporting and accountability for public officials should and will last forever.”

The NPF judges who selected Harris and VandeHei for the award said: “John and Jim saw an opening before others did, then charged through it despite the risks and naysayers. They have brought energy, imagination and an entrepreneurial spirit to reshaping journalism as it must be practiced in the future.”


FamousDC co-founder, Amos Snead will co-chair the annual dinner alongside Julie Triolo of Yahoo News for the NPF’s 40th Anniversary.

There’s still time to buy tickets/tables to the Feb. 11 dinner!

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