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We’re Asking For Help #ForceForDaniel

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Thank you to all the folks who reached out and helped us push this up the food chain yesterday. All signs from @MPAA and others indicate that this falls squarely in Disney’s lap. With that, it’s now you’re move Disney. Don’t let us down.

Dear Friends,

We most often use our perch here at FamousDC to write about the intersection of people and politics in DC. Our content is usually fun and always meant to entertain. It’s not so often that we use this platform to ask for help.

Today we’re asking for help because this story hits close to home for some of us at FamousDC.

We’d like you to meet Daniel Fleetwood.

Daniel, of Spring, Texas, was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a rare connective tissue cancer, about two years ago. Unfortunately for Daniel, the disease spread quickly — and in early September, his doctor gave him one to two months to live.

Daniel has one wish before cancer takes him from us. He wants to see the next Star Wars movie. The catch? He wants to see it now because he doesn’t think he’ll make it until December when the movie comes out.

We’d love for the FamousDC community to spread this message far and wide.

Whether it’s getting this in front of someone at Disney, MPAA, Members of Congress or anywhere in-between, any help would be great.

Let’s not let Daniel pass away without having tried.

Thank you,
FamousDC Family