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Famous Friday Round Up


Weather: At least DC is consistent. Washingtonians will be experiencing temperatures as high as 91 during this sunny DC weekend with 0% precipitation, calling for frosty beverages and chilling rooftop pools.

Awesome events you can attend this weekendHead over to enjoy Jazz in the GardenHead to the Ballpark for a Nats game with tickets selling for as low as $5Don’t miss out on DC’s music festival, TrillectoDance your heart out at the Silent Disco in Dupont CircleGrab a canoe at the Key Bridge Boathouse for some fun with friends on the Potomac.


We would have done the same thing; It physically hurts to look at this kid that broke his fall with $1.5m painting; It’s official, Serial will never endInstagram photographers to follow in all 50 states (but not DC); One-star reviews of the national parks are everything; We’ve seen worse weathermen than Pierce Brosnan; The ice bucket challenge actually made a difference; No no no nononono; Noooooooo (part 2); This has to be some kind of elaborate Stefon joke; Does the media even know what a hoverboard is; Hoping to sit next to a baby that has pretty good jokes for a baby on our next flight; In case you’re ever stuck in a black hole; Amazon announces one-hour alcohol delivery; ​Excitement is building around a Trump-Camacho ticket; Buzz, don’t leave for Mars without us.


The human autopens of Capitol Hill; It’s pineapple and pearlsPeta is pissed at the National Zoo; Expose on single, unemployed mother leeching off the government; And why are baby pandas so tiny anyway?; Julianne Moore will not take no for an answer in NOVA; Sometimes kids need a book, ok?; And sometimes, people really need free tea. And a dollar; We love DC instas IRLDistrictland: The Show; Here’s your weekly reminder you live somewhere expensive; Robert Sirico highlights the Pope’s upcoming visit to Washington, D.C; 5 takeaways from the Gulf Coast Energy Conference by Cameron Smith; Feel good story of the day; Communicator reunion starring Lindsey Mask, Greg Crist and JB!; We’re going to bring a bagged lunch for a bit until this mess gets resolved.


You are what you UberEat; DC pumps it upJohn Sonderman does it again.


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Famous birthday wishes for Nika Ranieri; You have negative four days to take Emily Dahl to Vegas again for her birthday; happy birthday to DC legend Theresa Spinola; Aly Casey better be doing something fun; Katie Scollin Flowers; Ethan Mattos; Cody Rivera; Ana Carolina Hoff; Sarah Feldman; Eliza Kaye; Samantha Dalka; Lisa Game Pritchard; Caitlyn Orta; Kat Prime; Emily Piegay; Cassie Becker; Ashlee Nadolinski; Hannah Delfavero; Kari Pederson; Jessica Herrara-Flanigan; Marty Kady; Ellen Carmichael; Alex Skatell; Steve Dutton; Emilie Udell; Tom Wilbur – keep grinding; Jennifer Strong; Mattie Duppler; Alex Schriver; Leland Vittert; Amy Auth; Hunter Nedd; Jack Smart; Markwayne Mullin, Martha Roby, Dave Brat, Glenn ThompsonWilliam Lacy Clay, Ryan Zimmerman, Diana DeGette, Jeff Denham, Denny Heck, Sean Patrick Maloney, Melissa Bona, Heather Stansbury, Siena Lester, Angela B. Pan.

A special happy birthday to Brian Marshall Johnson! Hope you can party as hard as you lobby.


Tommy McFly is the future of everything; Morgan Hungerford West is killing it; Amber Niblock is the coolest resident of Fairfax that we know; who’s going to Dîner en Blanc?; Nick and Alicia Meads have the patience of saints; Loren Aho is a proud dad; Josh Kersey has 40,000 unread emails; did you get a CRAFT coozie this week?; Morgan Gress is calling you out Josh Shultz– Get to the birthday bash today!; John Bresnahan and Chris Cillizza do NOT want you jogging in place at the red light. Take a break. RunKeeper will understand; Brace yourself: college football is coming. #SOON; Please also give Alex Finland, Kristen Soltis Andersen, Freddy Barnes, Alex Schriver, Ben Howard, Jon Downs and Doug Andres a hug as they all start to realize their teams will lose 3-4 games this season; The Patru’s are on a beach; Mark Bryant only rides in Teslas; Todd Boulanger looks great in banana yellow pants; Ask Casey Phillips about his roadside photoshoot; Tropical Storm Erika is leaning back towards our friends in Florida; We’re pretty sure Tyler Roberts is never coming back from Alaska; Question: Does Jon Grella still use a Blackberry device?; Good luck on your Chicago adventure, Samantha DeZur. DC will miss you!


Shane Goldmacher moves to Politico from National Journal, where he will undoubtedly make gold; Huge round of applause for Tarini Parti as she moves to Buzzfeed News to cover Capitol Hill; One of the best, Nikki Schwab, is headed to DailyMail.com to cover DC and 2016 (h/t Andrew Beaujon); Josh Stinchcomb is the new managing director of Conde Nast’s 23 Stories; Thomas Hammer comes to IBT Media as the senior vice president of sales; White House veteran, Kate Bedingfield is Joe Biden’s new communications director.


That old platform was so Summer ’15