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UberEats launched its DC debut and we’re not sure how excited to be about it.

So, along with the other 3 zillion food delivery apps, Uber now delivers food too. However, unlike the other companies that take a lifetime to reach your front door, Uber’s claim to fame is that they will deliver in ten minutes or less. Okay we’re listening. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.29.28 PMUber started testing the waters of food delivery services last year in Los Angeles and Barcelona. Now it services additional cities like New York, Chicago, Austin, San Fransico, Toronto and most recently, DC. Just like the driving service, the whole process is cashless. There is a $3 delivery fee but there is no need to tip on top of that. As of now, the hours are limited to between 11 AM and 2 PM Monday through Friday. Also, the service is limited to a set menu from specific restaurants AND it only delivers to downtown DC. Hmm…

Will UberEats disrupt the delivery industry as much as it did the cab industry? Jury is still out but here are our thoughts:

Ways UberEats will epically change DC:UberEATS-menu-Godmother-1024x683

-Downtown DC and everyone on the Hill will have access to better food.

-Interns’ lives are made easier.

-Uber drivers have something to do during the “off” hours.

Ways UberEats will not change DC at all:

-Everyone who doesn’t live or work in Downtown DC is basically chopped liver.

-It doesn’t serve late night or on the weekends so your drunk munchie cravings are still SOL.

-They still don’t deliver booze.

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