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Sarah Gunion

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Meet FDC’s newest team member, Sarah Gunion. Sarah is a Maryland native but came to us from New Orleans, which she has called home for the past five years. She has a taste for the unconventional, a passion for people, and a knack for delivering the unexpected- which is why we were thrilled to bring her aboard. Expect to see her around the city, as we expect that she will take on this new opportunity by storm.

1. What makes you Famous for DC?

DC is a city for networking; and that’s what FDC is all about. It’s about uplifting people and their organizations and establishing meaningful local connections. I like to think this is my specialty. I was a communications major in college and that’s because I think strategic communication is the most important and impactful facet of any relationship- business or pleasure. I bring a valuable skillset to the table but more importantly, I come with an open mind and excitement to learn. I may be new to the city, but you can be sure you’ll see me around!

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far here in DC?

I love Union Market. If you’ve been, there’s no need for me to explain why it’s awesome. If you haven’t, you must go ASAP! The vibrant selection of local cuisine, retail, and entertainment is so much fun and never gets old. Food, drink, fashion, and music are a few quick ways to my heart and Union Market has that on lock!

3. Why did you decide on DC as a career city?

I grew up in Maryland and my family is from DC, so it’s always been on my radar as a place I’d like to live at some point. When I graduated from college, DC instantly came to the forefront of my mind as the place that made the most sense to be. While it’s always been one of the most (if not the most) important cities in the country, I think that DC is currently more exciting than ever. It’s younger, more culturally diverse, and frankly more fun than it ever has been before; but it’s held on to that drive and focus that allows it to serve as our nation’s capital and flourish as a business metropolis in general. What better environment to kickstart a career in?

4. How are you bringing The Big Easy into the District?

Living in New Orleans was an unbelievably cool experience. There is a culture there unlike anywhere else in the world and I feel so lucky to have lived it. There is absolutely a certain mentality there that I hope remains with me here in DC. It’s a patience and respect for others that I think is easy to forget in a fast-paced high-powered city. Whether it’s holding the door for the person behind you, or actually looking your barista in the eye when they say good morning, or mentally acknowledging your neighbor’s tiny but flourishing garden that they’ve been tending to; it’s about remembering we are all humans with like-minded goals, desires, and sensitivities. And I think that it’s very easy to forget, but even easier to take the time to remember.

5. What are you most excited to work on at FDC?

FDC has some seriously exciting things on the horizon. I was so lucky to join the team when I did because we are really amping up all that we want FamousDC to be. I don’t want to spoil anything before it’s officially launched but we have big plans to expand our reach through events, website redesign, and increased content production. To be brought on to a company when it’s in the middle of making changes is a really valuable and exciting experience. I couldn’t be happier to be here.