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Meet Jeff Sheely, co-founder of Urban Stems. He’s on a mission to bring on-demand happiness to everyone in the city within an hour, by bike. Read more about Jeff, Urban Stems’ mission, and how soon is too soon to send flowers after a date.

1. Tell us about UrbanStems – what sets you apart from other florists?

We’re a bit different from a traditional florist – we offer a curated selection of the freshest seasonal flowers starting at just $35 with free delivery in just minutes! Each bouquet comes wrapped in our signature chartreuse pouches with a white bow and a handwritten note, and we even send a photo confirmation when your flowers arrive at their destination. It’s the easiest way to make someone’s day!

2. What non-romantic occasions are surprisingly great for sending flowers?

Tuesdays! Honestly, we’ve found that the best time to send flowers is whenever they’re unexpected. Flowers are traditionally seen as romantic gifts for big events (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc), but we’ve found that most of our customers use them to celebrate more everyday occasions like celebrating a friend’s promotion, wishing a coworker good luck on a big presentation.

We’ve also noticed a fairly reliable bump in Monday morning sales with notes expressing, shall we say… regret… over what had to be weekend shenanigans. One of our favorites note just said “sorry about myself.” Basically, flowers are magic: sending them is never the wrong thing to do.

3. What is it about DC that the city’s inhabitants need flowers ASAP, every day?

Everyone can use more happy in their lives! DC is a high-powered city, but with that comes a lot of stress, and a lot of busy people. From special occasions to “just because” gifting, we make it as easy and convenient as possible to deliver a stylish, long-lasting bouquet that will brighten up even the toughest days!

4. Thinking about the climate of the DC dating scene, how soon after a date should you send follow-up flowers?

Trick question: you should have brought them with you, because you’re a gentleman (or lady)! Having said that, there is something romantic about having them delivered first thing the next morning so that the memory of your date can last all week…

5. President Obama logs on and wants to send Michelle flowers, fast. What arrangement do you recommend?

You can’t go wrong with anything from our collection of seasonal arrangements, but since it’s close to Mother’s Day, I’d go with the Audrey – she’ll love those pink and purple roses, and the pink snapdragon and seeded eucalyptus add the perfect touch of elegance.