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As we shake off the rust of winter and embrace the new warmth of spring, few rites do so quite as well as a trip to the ballpark. However, the Nationals being the Nationals, it’s not terribly likely baseball is the only reason you’ll need to pony up your hard-earned money to take yourself out to the ball game.

FamousDC presents … 5 Reasons to Visit Nats Park – that have nothing to do with baseball:

1. The Food – Not only can you get all sorts of unhealthy food in nearly ever corner of a ballpark, but it’s practically mandated that you partake. Nationals Park is no different, with a Ben’s Chili Bowl operation on site. Half-smokes for everybody!

2. The Atmosphere – Sure, you can overpay for a beer at an upscale bar or a club, but where else can you do so whiling basking in the warmth of spring and – assuming your team’s playing well – holler like an idiot? Face the facts: a ballpark is your best option.

3. You Never Know Who You’ll See – With so many high-profile politicos, media tycoons, and celebs around town, it’s hard to imagine going to a game without rubbing elbows with someone big.  (Note: With regards to the ceremonial first pitch, President Obama gets bonus point for throwing from the pitcher’s mound.) Speaking of presidents…

4. The Presidents Race – Sure, other teams have other races during their home games. But most of these races consist of hot dogs. A foot race between the quadrumvirate of presidents on Mount Rushmore? Now that’s special. Plus, you never know when JFK will show up and beat the stuffing out of George Washington.

5. It’s A Great Reason To Skip Out On Work – After being cooped up all winter, how many reasons do you really need to ditch the office and go outside?

FamousDC thanks Sports Correspondent @QuoVadimusDC for sharing his favorite five reasons to visit Nationals Park – that have nothing to do with baseball.