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Congress is out of town … what should we talk about?

How about we all talk about each other ?

I heart Politico

Michael Wolff: Beltway Boys

But I used to hate them

Gawker: Michael Wolff Used to Hate Politico

I don’t heart Politico

Alex Pareene: Politico is Revolutionary Says Man Who Should Just Be Writing About His Affair

Wait, didn’t the Plank already cover this?

Gabriel Sherman: Politico’s Darkening Clouds

We need a referee for all of this Politico talk

Michael Calderone: Media Food Chain

So … let’s get this straight: Politico is the future of journalism and all other newspapers are dead.


What do you think Gawker?

Hamilton Nolan: Let’s Screw Up the Entire Internet to Save Newspapers


That was stressful.

We’re actually looking forward to Congress coming back.

UPDATE : Alex Pareene has issued a fatwah against Michael Wolff

Gawker: Michael Wolff: He Used to Have a Mustache, And Credibility