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Nora McAlvanah waited until the last minute to hang at H&R Block with her taxes in hand, Doug Heye turned 27, Elliot asked all of DC to "Rock the ‘Hawk" for the Caps, still lots of out of office replies on the hill [recess], $20 says Karl Rove didn’t say the line: "Famous Jason Roe," there is still a staff staph scare at the House gym, some of you are likely still hungover from the Young and the Guest List party last night, staff of The Hill past and present said adieu to gossip maven Betsy Rothstein, Kerri Strug got a gold medal for speed typing on her blackberry Thursday am on the Metro, Sara Bonjean won the Swizzle challenge with her Scarlett O’Hara knowledge, the real cougars housewives of the ATL were caught hanging out at the Capitol Grille bar on Wednesday night, John Hawkins cleaned out his Twitter account, Ross Douthat said goodbye to the Watergate, and go tell Ryan Loskarn and Lindsey Mask happy birthday.