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Everyone knows FamousDC is a big fan of Extreme Mortman. We thought he’d be around forever, like Dan Snyder.

It looks like Mr. Extreme is changing jobs and saying goodbye to Extreme Mortman. Naturally, we’re sad to the see the site go, but we wish Howard all the best at C-SPAN.

We’ll always be appreciative of the links he gave FamousDC very early on and also his willingness to serve as FamousDC Secretary of Energy.

Extreme Mortman: Extreme Farewell

It’s time to thank a whole lot of people.

Starting with you, the Extreme reader, you handful of people, you merry band of bored brothers, the folks who shared the Extreme Mortman experience on occasion, depending on how frequently you’d remember we were around.

And we thank all those lovely and talented souls who supplied us with ideas, photos, photoshops, videos, and other anonymous trinkets — and comments. Oh, the comments.

And we surely need to thank all the big time bloggers who linked to us and sent us the sweet blogging nectar called traffic. Some of them are listed here in no particular order other than alphabetical:

Of course, an extremely special thanks and appreciation to New Media Strategies for its sensational tech team and to Pete Snyder up in the publisher’s suite for supporting and cheering this blog at a time when no one in their right mind would have ever thought the Cardinals would beat the Eagles.

And a special personal note of appreciation to the Extreme Family for these last three years of encouraging my blogging. Actually, for allowing my blogging. Actually, for putting up with my blogging. Actually, for, well, you get the picture.

Where is Extreme Mortman — er, Howard Mortman — off to next? On February 4, I begin my new position at C-SPAN. Director of Communications. I will be responsible for C-SPAN’s relationships with both traditional and online media. I look forward to continue working with many of you in this exciting and new non-partisan, non-commentary basis. I am both thrilled and humbled to be joining C-SPAN and being part of a great American success story.

As for ending this blog, we turn to that old Sephardic proverb — Extreme Mortman: you’ve read the column, you’ve seen the show, and now you’ve lived the blog. One day, we promise, you’ll eat the sandwich.

Good luck Mr. Mortman.