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FamousDC’s Nominee for President, Mike Allen, received a glowing write-up in Newsweek. Can we count this a the first official endorsement of the FamousDC Media Ticket?

It’s 5 a.m. and Mike Allen has already been awake for nearly two hours. The baby-faced, 44-year-old reporter for Politico, the Beltway-obsessed Web site, gets up each morning at about 3:30 to compile Mike Allen’s Playbook, a daily, scoop-soaked breakfast in bed for about 12,000 of the country’s most powerful people. The sun isn’t up yet at Politico’s Arlington, Va., headquarters, but it’s not too early for Allen’s first Diet Dr Pepper of the day, which he nurses as he scans a dozen newspapers and magazines—the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post—to cobble together today’s edition. Each Playbook usually arrives in inboxes no later than 8:30 a.m., and it’s built for speed, so there are rules. At the top of the list, he says: no paragraph may be “longer than the average BlackBerry screen.”