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This year we’ve seen presidential campaigns launched on YouTube, constant campaign updates on Twitter, and VP candidates announced via text mesage. We should have known it would only be a matter of time before DMCA take downs against campaign clips crept up.

ArsTechnica: McCain/Palin campaign angry over bogus DMCA takedowns

Concerns about DMCA takedown abuse and fair use aren’t limited to Lawrence Lessig, the EFF, and Free Press—John McCain and Sarah Palin are going all mavericky on the issue as well. Yesterday, their campaign sent a letter to YouTube complaining about rightsholders (especially news organizations) that filed illegitimate DMCA takedown notices and managed to have important campaign clips pulled at crucial times. The letter is yet more evidence of why human judgment—not just automated filtering or scanning—is crucial in such cases.

Imagine which technologies we’ll debate during the 2012 WH race …

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