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It’s August, everyone is vacation, Congress is gone (at least the Senate and half the House), it is hotter than hell outside, and CODELs are once again the new black. Basically, nobody is working and web traffic slows to a halt…

Well, unless your Patrick Gavin and you release your annual Hottest Media Types contest.

FishbowlDC’s Hottest Media Types:

Female, PR

FamousDC’s vote is heading to the White House Smokesperson – Dana Perino. Straight heat.

Male, PR

FamousDC endorses….Matt Dornic. Why? Because he rocks polka-dots and he works for a company called 3 Dog Communications. Solid.

Male, Off air

John Stanton has FDC’s endorsement. He eats fireworks for breakfast and he’s the only person in the beltway that can still pull off the pocket wallet chain.

Female, Off air

Jackie Kucinich gets our vote. Not only was she the USTR on the FamousDC Media Ticket, her picture looks like she’s in a Mary Poppins wonder land.

Male, On air

We’re writing in a candiate here. We’re writing in Mr. Smash Time himself, JoMa. We encourage all FamousDC readers to join the movement. Let Jonathan Martin in! Leg kicks to the face for all non-JoMA supporters!

Female, On air

We hate to do it, but we’re calling for another write-in: Lindsey Czarniak. She is on-air, covers sports, and hangs with Chris Cooley.

Stay classy!